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Southern Downs team behind new pregnancy app concept

18 June 2018

Members of the Health Hack team that won People's Choice for the MOMMA app.

“Every girl needs her MOMMA” is the premise of a new app concept being developed in the Southern Downs to help women navigate their pregnancy.

Glen Aplin resident and Warwick Hospital midwife Jenny Dahl is the brainchild behind the MOMMA app, which stands for Midwifery Obstetric Matters Mobile Application. It won the People’s Choice Award at a recent Queensland Health hacking event.

Mrs Dahl explained the need for the app came from her experience as a midwife over the past 17 years, noticing a decline in pregnant women coming to antenatal classes and appointments.

“It’s very important for women to be regularly checked through their pregnancy so we can make sure everything is going well with both mum and baby, and do something about any issues that are picked up,” Mrs Dahl said.

“We came up with the idea for an app to engage with mums in a fun and personal way.

“It is not official looking and is not linked to a clinical record, and the idea is for it to be a very individual way for a woman to document her pregnancy journey.

“The free app will guide, prompt, remind and inform a woman throughout her pregnancy.  

“As an example, it might send an alert asking if the mum has felt the baby move today or a reminder to join in on a class.

“We also plan to include fun stuff like being able to upload ultrasounds, photos of the pregnant belly, or snaps of how the baby’s nursery is coming together that can be shared with family and friends and printed.”

Mrs Dahl said the overriding objective was to keep mothers and babies safe.

“It makes sense to use the kind of technology that people use every day to support them.

“We need to rethink how we provide healthcare and adapt to reach people in a way that reflects the modern era.

“There can be a range of reasons why women are not able to attend classes or appointments, so we hope to provide them with support in this interactive way.”

The app is still in the concept stage but is a solid first step in providing help to local women.

Last updated: 20 June 2018