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Good dental hygiene important for every-bunny this Easter

29 March 2018

Dentist Doug Gambrill.

With the sweetest holiday of the year being celebrated this weekend, Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service Interim Principal Dentist Doug Gambrill is spreading the word that good dental hygiene is important for everybunny this Easter.

Dr Gambrill said tooth decay happens when plaque comes into contact with sugar in the mouth, causing acid to attack the teeth.

"Chocolate contains sugar and can contribute to tooth decay, but it is difficult to say no to chocolate at Easter so the next best thing is to take extra special care of teeth during this time," he said.

Dr Gambrill’s top five tips for enjoying an Easter feast while avoiding tooth decay are:

  • Limit the frequency of sweet treats – grazing on Easter eggs will leave teeth coated in sugar all day, increasing the risk of decay
  • Enjoy sweets after meals – because the mouth is already producing saliva it will be better equipped to fight a sugar-induced acid attack
  • Wash down sweet treats with some water – fluoride in tap water helps to protect teeth and wash away the sugar
  • Brush teeth twice a day – focus on the areas where food collects between the teeth and gums, brush for about three to four minutes, provide parental supervision to small children and make sure teeth are clean before going to bed
  • Enjoy sweet treats at Easter – avoid collecting a big stash of chocolate that can be consumed for weeks after the occasion, and only enjoy Easter treats on the day.

These good dental hygiene habits shouldn’t end as soon as Peter Cottontail has hopped on down the bunny trail, Dr Gambrill added.

"These tips can be used throughout the year for healthy teeth and gums," he said.

"It is also important to floss daily, replace your toothbrush every three months, and visit the dentist regularly."

Last updated: 29 March 2018