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Project Information

Darling Downs Health is progressing the business case for a new Toowoomba Hospital to bring world-class, innovative health care to Toowoomba and the Darling Downs region.

Baillie Henderson Hospital is the selected site for the Toowoomba Hospital Redevelopment Project, a 75-hectare tree lined site to the city’s north. Our vision is for a strikingly beautiful campus that includes open, natural tree lined spaces interconnecting heritage buildings, multi-disciplinary health services, research, education, commercial, and community recreation spaces.

The hospital will deliver new and expanded health care services to the region to cater for its growing population, provide access to the latest medical technologies, create an environment that promotes health and wellbeing and set the hospital up for a sustainable future.

Project history and need

Toowoomba Hospital has operated at its current site in Pechey Street Toowoomba since the late 1800s. The site has been redeveloped many times and its facilities expanded to service the community’s health needs.

The hospital campus has buildings ranging from heritage listed through to more recent additions. The 11.3-hectare site has served Toowoomba well, but is now close to full capacity and opportunities to expand services are limited.

Toowoomba’s population is growing along with its demand for health services. The new Toowoomba Hospital will be larger and provide a range of health services that are not currently provided in Darling Downs Health facilities.

Business Case Process

Preliminary business case

In 2016 Queensland Health prepared a preliminary business case for the redevelopment of Toowoomba Hospital. The preliminary business case explored several options for the redevelopment including:

  • maintaining Toowoomba’s existing public hospitals
  • redeveloping the existing Toowoomba Hospital and closing Baillie Henderson Hospital
  • redeveloping Baillie Henderson Hospital and finding a suitable reuse for the existing Toowoomba Hospital site
  • options that looked at splitting services across the two hospital sites.

The preliminary business case recommended redeveloping Baillie Henderson Hospital to meet Toowoomba’s future health needs.

Detailed business case

In September 2018, the Queensland Government announced that the Baillie Henderson Hospital campus will be the site of a future new Toowoomba Hospital. The Queensland Government also announced that a detailed business case would be undertaken to further refine the new hospital plan, and that a master plan would be developed for the whole Baillie Henderson Hospital campus.

Building Queensland is leading the development of a detailed business case for the project that will help the Queensland Government make informed decisions about the project’s final design, staging and funding.

The detailed business case is expected to be completed in late 2020 and will inform the government’s decision on whether to invest in the project.

Development of the detailed business case incorporates the design process for the new hospital, which is being led by Darling Downs Health.

For further information on the Building Queensland Business Case process, please visit:

New and expanded health care services

Toowoomba’s population is growing along with its demand for health services. The new Toowoomba Hospital will be larger and provide a range of health services that are not currently provided in Darling Downs Health facilities.

The Toowoomba Hospital will have more beds, treatment areas, Emergency Department spaces and operating theatres to cater for the region’s growing population and health care needs.

Darling Downs Health is considering adding interventional cardiology, radiation oncology, plastic surgery, ophthalmology and urology to the services provided in the new hospital.

For patients, this will mean efficient, local treatment for conditions requiring health services not currently offered at Toowoomba Hospital which will reduce the need to travel to Brisbane metropolitan areas for treatment. It may also mean new ways of delivering existing health services to embrace new technologies and the new hospital environment.

Proposed site layout and features

Health and wellbeing

Key benefits of delivering a new Toowoomba Hospital at Baillie Henderson Hospital are the large size of the site and the tree-lined natural environment.

The new hospital’s design includes a series of medium height buildings built into the sloped site with views to the surrounding hills. The buildings provide visual and physical access to the natural surrounds for patients and staff.

The new hospital’s modern facilities would also provide a safer and more secure campus for workers, patients and their visitors.


Technologies including artificial intelligence, genomics, data analytics, digital wearable devices, apps, robotics, virtual reality, drone technology and 3D printing are influencing the way health care is provided.

Toowoomba Hospital’s redevelopment provides the opportunity to more easily integrate these and future digital technologies into the hospital.

Sustainable future

The new hospital buildings would integrate a range of environmentally sustainable initiatives including natural daylight and ventilation where possible, rainwater harvesting, energy efficiency measures such as LED lighting, careful selection of construction materials, smart metering, recycling and solar energy generation.

The hospital’s design and large site area allows for future expansion within the health campus, providing for additional growth as needed.

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Last updated: 14 June 2020