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Your Time in Hospital

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  • Nutritious meals are important for aiding recovery when in hospital.

    If you have any special dietary requirements including allergies, please advise your clinical team.

    Meal times are 7-8am for breakfast, 11am-12noon for lunch and 5-6pm for dinner.

  • Televisions may be available in some common rooms and specific wards, but are not currently available at the bedside.

    Patients may bring their own devices, however the hospital does not accept any liability for these devices.

    Electrical equipment such as laptops and phone chargers must be electrically tested and tagged to ensure it is safe to be connected to the hospital’s power outlets.

    Please respect other patients with the volume in shared wards.

  • Handover at the bedside occurs when staff are changing shifts.

    This provides an opportunity for patients and/or carers to be involved and to ask questions about your care. Bedside handover is a chance for you to ask questions and discuss any issues.

    Refer to the Patient Guide to Clinical Handover

  • Hand washing is a proven method of preventing infection.

    Hand washing gel is available throughout Toowoomba Hospital and at patient bedsides.

    Patients and visitors are requested to use the hand washing gel provided.

Last updated: 8 April 2020