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Graduate Nurses and Midwives

Darling Downs Health Graduate Nurse/Midwife Programs are structured and supportive learning programs to assist your transition into your new role as a:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Registered Nurse (Mental Health) or
  • Registered Midwife

The Graduate Nurse/Midwife Programs provide a foundation for support and integration and application of knowledge gained during undergraduate nurse/midwife degree studies. Our three Graduate programs provide broad opportunities for individualised learning in each discipline.

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  • The Darling Downs is a thriving rural community that’s big on lifestyle options, providing you with the opportunity to enjoy a professionally supportive environment and great living experiences that combine the very best of the country and city.

    The Darling Downs region supports extraordinary diversity in agriculture, grazing and industrial activity. From Stanthorpe, to Taroom, to Oakey, Queensland Health offers fantastic incentives for our nurses in many rural and remote areas plus the added benefit of offering a relaxed lifestyle. One of our larger inland towns, Goondiwindi, is a four and a half hour drive from Brisbane but is still delightfully rural in character with all the conveniences of a city. Stanthorpe is known as Queensland's premier wine region and is located less than a three hour drive from Brisbane.

    Towns such as Texas and Kingaroy are also popular spots for tourism, with their authentic country lifestyle and distinct old-world charm. With its picturesque and unspoiled wilderness, the South West is the epitome of the 'natural' outback. There are many adventures on offer - try your hand at fishing in the many billabongs, rivers and lakes; take the plunge in hot artesian springs; go camping and see stars that stretch forever; or take a four-wheel driving adventure over rugged plains.

    Toowoomba is known as ‘The Garden City’, and has a population of 117,083 (June 2017). Situated on the edge of the scenic Great Dividing Range, just one and a half hours west of Brisbane and only two hours from both the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, Toowoomba is an easy city to create a life in. There are great educational opportunities, family-friendly lifestyle options, a vibrant cultural and culinary scene, and mild climate. Glorious surf beaches or magnificent outback experiences are just a short drive away, and there are direct flights to many capital cities from Wellcamp Airport.

    Darling Downs Health is an independent statutory body responsible for delivering public health services to approximately 300,000 people at 29 facilities across a geographic area of 90,000 square kilometres, extending from Taroom in the north west to Texas on the Queensland/NSW border. Health services within the Darling Downs Health region include a major hospital at Toowoomba, one extended inpatient mental health service, three medium-sized regional hub hospitals, twelve rural hospitals, three multipurpose health services, three community outpatient clinics and six residential aged care facilities. Our culture is built around relationships and our community and we have a strong commitment to providing work-life balance initiatives, workplace diversity, innovation and professional development opportunities.

    Darling Downs Health regional site map

    Darling Downs Health regional site map

    Why it's great to be a Darling Downs Health nurse

    Nursing services are central to the operation of all regional and rural Darling Downs Health facilities, and you will be well supported by colleagues and recognised as a valuable member of your health care team.  Positions are available in a large mix of hospitals based in regional centres, smaller regional facilities and primary health care sites.  You will experience a supportive local community and expand your career options by delivering quality rural and remote health care services.

    While the work can become life changing, our regional and rural nurses also become confident in their abilities across the scope of their specialities and make genuine connections with their local communities.

    Toowoomba Hospital is our largest hospital being a 305 bed facility offering a range of specialist services. Our regional hospitals are based from the New South Wales border south of Stanthorpe to the west of Goondiwindi, north to Taroom and east to Murgon with patients presenting with a wide range of health care conditions that call on specialist nursing skills to provide the best care to patients, their families and the wider community.

    Why it's great to be a Darling Downs Health mental health nurse

    Darling Downs Health regional and rural facilities offer a range of mental health services providing vital support to Darling Downs communities.

    The Darling Downs Health Acute Mental Health Service links inpatient services, located at the Toowoomba Hospital, with community services, and is staffed by a team of health professionals included nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers and psychiatrists. Other services include an Adult Community, Older Persons, and Child and Youth Mental Health Services.

    Baillie Henderson Hospital is a specialist mental health facility located in Toowoomba which provides extended inpatient services and a range of specialised clinical programs.

    Why it's great to be a Darling Downs Health midwife

    Darling Downs Health midwives are at the core of perinatal care for women and you will be well supported by medical, allied health and mental health specialists who have an unwavering commitment to the best outcomes for women and their families.

    The Toowoomba Hospital midwifery unit provides women-centric care and was the first public hospital in Queensland to offer a private midwifery service.

    This innovative midwife-led service is also modelled in the public-funded arena. Some local women are able to access the midwifery group practice to provide a continuum of care during and just after their pregnancy, including the opportunity to give birth in the birthing centre rather than a traditional labour suite.

    Midwifery services are also provided at several regional and rural Darling Downs Health facilities where you will have the opportunity to work autonomously and as part of a small team. Rural midwifery is a rewarding and fulfilling experience for any midwife wanting to further their career.

    Toowoomba Hospital

  • Our Vision

    Caring for our Communities – Healthier Together

    Our Values

    Darling Downs Health has expectations that all staff apply the Darling Downs Health values in their daily work. These values are core pillars of nursing and midwifery care, and are considered in all clinical activity.

    • Compassion – We engage with others and demonstrate empathy, care, kindness, support and understanding.
    • Integrity – We are open, honest, approachable, equitable and consistent in everything we do.
    • Dignity – We treat others with respect, display reasonableness and take pride in what we do.
    • Innovation – We strive to know more, learn more and do better.
    • Courage – We respectfully question for clarity, have the strength to act and embrace change for the better.


  • What We Offer to Graduate Nurses/Midwives

    The nursing and midwifery team and staff at Darling Downs Health are committed to a structured and supportive learning program assisting the transition from a student to a Registered Nurse, Registered Nurse (Mental Health) or Registered Midwife. You will be recognised as a valuable member of Darling Downs Health, health care team and we will acknowledge the important contribution you will make.

    The Graduate Program

    • Darling Downs Health Orientation - Online and face to face
    • Induction to your workplace – In addition to environmental orientation you will work on a supernumerary  basis with your Preceptor for a minimum of (4) shifts.
    • Preceptorship – a mutual commitment between you and your preceptor
    • Darling Downs Health Graduate Nurses and Midwives complete a formal Transition Program specific to the clinical environment they have been assigned to.
    • Study Days – the Graduate program includes (7) clinical and professional days inclusive of a formal Graduation Ceremony at the conclusion of your Graduate year.
    • Clinical Competencies – these learning and assessment opportunities ensure you are familiar with the key clinical processes you are engaged in.
    • Self assessment and Performance reviews – an introductory performance conversation with your NUM/DON will be followed by a self review system and a further (2) formal performance reviews offering guidance and support throughout your transition year.
    • Peer support – access to the Graduate Nurse/Midwife Yammer account allows you to communicate with your peers

    Your Support

    • Nurse Educator (Graduate Programs) – a full time Nurse Educator who coordinates and manages the Graduate Program.
    • Nurse Manager (Clinical Workforce Development) – a full time Nurse Manager who oversees the Graduate Clinical Facilitation team.
    • Nurse Educators (Clinical) – supporting the clinical development of Graduates across the HHS Clinical Facilitators through a range of workshops and programs.
    • Clinical Facilitators – includes Clinical Facilitators who work closely with the Graduates to ensure they are clinically, professionally and culturally assimilated into their new workplaces.
    • Workplace Preceptors – a formal relationship with an experienced Nurse in the workplace to support and mentor the individual Graduate Nurse/Midwife.

    Graduate Nurse (Mental Health)

    Darling Downs Health Mental Health Service delivers clinical services to approximately 300,000 people across 90,000sq km from eight principal sites. Services are delivered from the NSW border, south of Stanthorpe to west of Goondiwindi, Taroom in the north east to Murgon in the north, including the indigenous community of Cherbourg.

    The Mental Health Service has two major inpatient facilities:

    • 51 bed adult acute unit and an eight bed adolescent unit on the Toowoomba Hospital Campus
    • 108 bed tertiary psychiatric hospital on the Baillie Henderson Hospital Campus.

    The Mental Health Service is an integrated service providing secondary specialist services across the following clinical programs:

    • Child and Youth Mental Health Services (CYMHS) inpatient and community services
    • Adult acute inpatient and community services
    • Older Persons Services inpatient and community services
    • Extended Tertiary Services inpatient services for consumers who require extended treatment and rehabilitation.

    As a potential applicant in the Mental Health Graduate Nurse Program, you will have placements available in the following areas:

    • Acute inpatient units
    • Acute Care Team
    • Specialist Mental Health Services such as Perinatal clinic, Alcohol and other Drugs Service, Adolescent inpatient unit
    • One placement within the Extended Rehabilitation Service Inpatient Units.


    Apply for a Darling Downs Health Graduate position via the Graduate Portal site.

    Further information:

    The Graduate Campaign site



    Elizabeth Rindfleish – Nurse Educator (Graduate Programs)

    Training and Education – Nursing and Midwifery Services

    Phone: (07) 4699 8193


    Also see:

    Applying for a Darling Downs Health Graduate Nurse/Midwife Program

  • There are a large number of Graduate Nurse and Graduate Midwife positions available across Darling Downs Health.

    Graduate Nurse Program


    • Oncology
    • Emergency
    • Geriatric, Adult Rehabilitation and Stroke Service (North Toowoomba Rehabilitation Unit)
    • Medical Imaging
    • Medical Unit 1
    • Medical Unit 2
    • Medical Unit 3
    • Medical Unit 4C
    • Nursing Support Unit
    • Orthopaedics
    • Paediatrics
    • Special Care Nursery
    • Day Surgery
    • Surgical
    • Perioperative
    • Mt Lofty Heights Aged Care Facility


    Millmerran Hospital

    Graduate Nurse (Mental Health) Program

    Graduate Midwifery Program


  • To be considered for Graduate Nurse/Midwife position at Darling Downs Health all applications must be submitted through the Queensland Government Graduate Portal.


    The full eligibility criteria are listed on the Nursing and Midwifery Graduate Campaign website.

    All applicants are encouraged to review this site to ensure they understand and are able to comply with application requirements.

    Darling Downs Health is an employer of choice by ensuring we provide equitable and fair opportunities for people with disability, culturally and linguistically diverse people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, women and disadvantaged groups.

    To apply for the Darling Downs Health intake in addition to criteria outlined you must:

    • Select Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service as your 1st Preference (Second preference applicants will be considered on a meritorious basis)

    When to apply

    The next round of graduate recruitment for Darling Downs Health via the Queensland Government Graduate Portal will run from the end of July to the end of August.for positions commencing January to March 2021, as well as a smaller cohort in July 2021. Applications must be submitted via the Queensland Government Graduate Portal.

    How to apply

    1. Create a profile on the graduate portal
    2. Apply online through the portal – Please complete all questions in the application form. The following documents must be included:
      1. Graduate Summary. You will not be considered for a Graduate Position at Darling Downs Health without a completed Graduate Summary.
      2. Up to date Resume and Cover letter
      3. Most recent Academic Transcript
      4. Two referee reports - at least one must be clinically related (i.e. Clinical manager/supervisor/preceptor) on the Queensland Health Template


  • Our wellness program supports staff members to incorporate healthy choices into daily living as well as identifying opportunities for regular movement and exercise.

    The program takes a holistic view of health with focus on:

    • healthy eating and physical well-being
    • emotional well-being
    • financial well-being
    • social, cultural and spiritual well-being.

    The Darling Downs Health Wellness program is coordinated through the Work Health and Safety Unit.


  • These questions are specifically for the Darling Downs Health Service Graduate Nurse/Midwife programs

    What are the eligibility criteria for a graduate position with Darling Downs Health?

    In addition to the eligibility criteria outlined in the Nursing and Midwifery Graduate Campaign website please ensure your application has the following documents attached

    • Graduate Summary
    • Up to date Resume and Cover letter
    • Most recent Academic Transcript
    • Referee report nursing related (i.e. Clinical partner/preceptor) on a Queensland Health Template

    Can I submit my application directly to a Darling Downs Health facility?

    Darling Downs Health accept applications from graduates which are submitted through the Graduate portal.

    Enquiries throughout the year are welcomed. Please contact us (email preferred).

    Why do I have to provide my documents multiple times?

    Within Queensland Health there are fifteen (15) Hospital and Health Services (HHS), each HHS is an independent statutory body and as such they have independent requirements for the recruitment of graduate nurses/midwives.

    English Language Skills Requirement?

    Please refer to the AHPRA Registration Standards – English Language Skills

    All applicable candidates are encouraged to attend to this task in a timely manner. You must have a successfully completed NMBA approved English Language Skill test result, submitted, to be eligible for interview.

    Do I get to choose which clinical area/facility I work in?

    On your Graduate Summary you are able to list your preferences in order. As the graduate positions at Darling Downs Health are highly competitive it is not always possible for everyone to have their first preference. Every endeavour is undertaken to place graduates in a clinical area/facility of their choice.

    Why do I have to bring so many documents to the interview?

    There are many documents that must be provided to recruit you to Darling Downs Health and due to the large volume of graduates being recruited it is expedient to obtain the documents at interview.

    What are the rostered hours per fortnight?

    Across Darling Downs Health the rostered hours per fortnight for Graduate Nurses and Midwives, range from 64 to 80 hours or 0.8 to 1.0 full time equivalent (FTE). The hours per fortnight depends on the clinical area/facility and their requirements.

    Will I have to complete rotations during my Graduate year?

    The majority of the Graduate Nurse/Midwife positions with Darling Downs Health do not require a rotation. There are however Rural facilities that do rotate their Graduate Nurses through different clinical and on occasion, near geographical areas. You will be advised on confirmation of location if rotation is to occur.

    Is accommodation provided at the different facilities at Darling Downs Health?

    No, there is no accommodation provided for Graduate Nurses at any of the Darling Downs Health facilities. We are able to assist in some aspects of reviewing and applying for accommodation.

    Uniform entitlement

    Graduate Nurses/Midwives at Darling Downs Health will be supplied with professional attire in line with Queensland Health Human Resources Policy C68 Uniforms for Nurses and Midwives.

    How many uniforms will I receive and how?

    The number of hours worked and your choice of uniform style and combination will determine the number of allocated uniforms. Uniform order forms will be collated by the Clinical Placement Coordinator before being distributed to the clinical areas/facilities for submission. Uniforms will be delivered to your clinical area/facility.

    Formal letter of offer

    Your initial position offer with Darling Downs Health will be via email. After all recruitment documentation is processed by Recruitment a written Letter of Offer will be mailed to you. A letter of offer cannot be generated until Darling Downs Health has received a certified copy of your qualifications (either Certificate or Official Transcript) advising that you have completed your studies.


Contact Details

Nurse Educator – Nursing and Midwifery Graduate Program

Darling Downs Health
Baillie Henderson Hospital
Cnr Tor and Hogg Streets
Toowoomba QLD 4350

Email our team

(07) 4699 8193

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