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Documents for your clinical placement

As you prepare for your clinical placement in a Queensland Health facility, you must complete certain documents to formalise the placement arrangements.

Student Deed Poll

The main legal document you must sign is the Student Deed Poll. The specific Deed Poll document you need to sign depends on whether you are a Group A or Group B student. Please ensure you complete the correct Deed Poll.

If you are unsure which category your educational facility falls into, check the list of education providers with current Deeds.

Orientation checklist

Before signing your Deed Poll, however, it is important that you have completed the mandatory orientation outlined in Preparing for your clinical placement. This includes understanding your responsibilities before and during your placement, including the pre-placement immunisation requirements and the legal obligations regarding safety, confidentiality, and conduct.

As evidence of your completing the orientation, please complete the Student orientation checklist.

Submitting the documents

Your signed Student Deed Poll plus your completed orientation checklist must be returned to your education provider’s placement coordinator prior to the commencement of your placement.

Last updated: 26 July 2019