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Indigenous cadetships and traineeships


Queensland Health, in conjunction with the Australian government is offering cadetship opportunities to eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students pursuing tertiary studies in dental health, public health and allied health disciplines.

Cadetships enable you will earn-as-you-learn and combine your full-time study with on-the-job work experience to gain professional qualifications and skills for employment. Cadetships are offered to eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander TAFE or university students.

Benefits to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Island students undertaking a cadetship with Queensland Health include:

  • 12 weeks paid work for ‘on-the-job work placement’ in a hospital/health care facility. This work placement is negotiated between Queensland Health and the student to suit the student’s academic workload
  • an Australian government funded ‘study allowance’ to support the student during their 40 weeks of course study each year, plus an annual book allowance
  • being able to study full time while receiving an annual entitlement salary paid as a fortnightly wage. This annual entitlement salary is a combination of both of the above mentioned ‘work placement and study allowance’ wages 
  • being allocated Queensland Health mentors to support the student for the duration of the cadetship
  • having opportunities to be offered employment within Queensland Health upon graduating from university. 


These cadetships are offered through the Australian government’s Indigenous Cadetship Support (ICS) initiative. It aims to improve the professional employment prospects of Indigenous Australians by linking eligible full-time students with employers who can give them work placements and ongoing employment once they finish their studies.

To register your interest in:

Students are encouraged to apply at least 8 weeks prior to the commencement of first semester of their university course. However, applications for cadetships will remain open throughout the year.


If you think a career in health might be your career of choice, check out one of Queensland Health's Traineeship opportunities (PDF, 135kB).  Every year Queensland Health offers full-time and school-based traineeships in a variety of careers including nursing, allied health, dental, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander primary health care, operational and administrative. A traineeship gives you the opportunity to complete a certificate qualification while learning new skills in the healthcare sector under the guidance of the employer and a training provider.

Traineeships can either be full-time (working 5 days a week up to 1 year) or school-based (working 1 day a week and attending school on the remaining days for up to 2 years) and offers someone without prior qualifications the chance to gain skills for a job in the health sector. Information about apprenticeships and traineeships is available from Training Queensland.

Training and support for qualified health workers

Training and support are highly critical values for rural health professionals working in Queensland’s Hospital and Health Services. There are a number of educational and support mechanisms in place, both internally through Queensland Health and via external providers, to ensure that you feel confident and competent in your role.

Read more about rural training opportunities

Last updated: 12 June 2014

Scholarships and financial support

Find out about the financial help and support that is available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.