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We have several types of leave for our employees including annual, sick, carer, parental, domestic and family violence, career, long service and purchased.

Annual/recreation leave

The amount of paid annual leave (also known as recreation leave) you can get depends on the type of role you have with us.

Nurses and midwives who don’t do shift work can get 5 weeks annual leave. If you do shift work, you can get 6 weeks.

Medical imaging and radiation professionals can get 5 weeks annual leave. During this time you will receive your leave loading for 4 weeks across the 5 weeks.

All other health professionals, administration, scientific, technical and trade staff can get 4 weeks annual leave.

You will receive 17.5% loading on your annual leave with up to 27.5% for shift workers.

If you don’t use your annual leave, it will roll over into future years.

In some cases, you can take annual leave at half pay for double the period of time.

For out more in our annual/recreation leave policy (PDF 986 kB).

Sick or carers leave

You are entitled to 10 days sick leave days per year. If you don’t use these, they will roll over into future years.

You can also use your sick leave if you need to care for an immediate family member who is unwell or requires care. Find out more about

Parental leave

The amount of parental leave you can take depends on your circumstances.

If you give birth or adopt a child, you can take 14 weeks paid maternity or adoption leave. If you’d like longer than 14 weeks, you can take your leave at half pay to extend to 28 weeks.

When you’re on maternity, adoption or spousal leave you can also take a period of unpaid leave.

Domestic and family violence leave

If you are affected by domestic and family violence you may be able to get 10 days of paid leave per year. You can also access this leave to attend to matters arising from domestic and family violence.

You may also be eligible for domestic and family violence leave if you’re providing support to another person directly affected by domestic and family violence.

To find out more information on domestic and family violence leave please refer to the Support for employees affected by domestic and family violence policy (C73) (PDF 1438 kB).

Career leave

In some cases, you may be able to take leave without pay for a period of up to 12 months to support your career development. This is at the discretion of your manager and decided on a case-by-case basis.

Long service leave

We also offer 13 weeks long service leave after you’ve completed 10 years continuous service.

You may be also be able to take long service leave after 7 years of continuous service. The amount of leave you get will depend on the number of years you’ve worked. Refer to the Long service leave policy (C38) (PDF 1308 kB).

Purchased leave

You can use this leave for family responsibilities, study or personal commitments.

You are able to access between 1 and 6 weeks purchased leave without pay per annum, in addition to paid annual/recreation leave.

To find out more information on purchased leave refer to the Purchased leave policy (C21) (PDF 800 kB).

Last updated: 27 October 2021