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Private practice

Private Practice under MOCA 4

In the transition to a certified agreement for senior doctors, alterations to the existing private practice arrangements are required.

The private practice arrangements proposed under MOCA 4 will deliver a robust governance and accountability framework while at the same time recognising the very important role private practice plays in recruiting and retaining the very best medical practitioners in Queensland.

The proposed private practice arrangements will operate largely the same as the private practice arrangements implemented under the individual contracts, with the Revenue Assignment and Revenue Retention disbursement models remaining the models available for senior medical officers during hours of work.

SMOs will need to enter into new Granted Private Practice agreements (provided below) within three months of certification of MOCA 4.

Note: Medical Superintendents and Medical Officers with Private Practice (MSPPs/MOPPs) are not required to complete the Granted Private Practice Agreement. Private practice arrangements for MSPPs/MOPPs will continue to be negotiated and agreed in writing at the local level. The MOCA 4 certification process is not intended to change these arrangements.

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Last updated: 11 September 2015