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Radiation oncology medical physics

A medical physicist is a clinician with substantial tertiary qualifications in physics who applies their knowledge of the principles of physics to the care of patients.

Radiation oncology medical physics is the application and development of the principles and techniques of physics for the therapeutic use of ionising radiation. 

Medical physicists work autonomously and in multidisciplinary teams in areas of health including; radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, radiological imaging, biomechanics, radiation monitoring, radiography and in scientific analysis of medical data.

Medical physicists are likely to have careers in hospitals, clinics or other major health centres.

Responsibilities range from setting up and maintaining computerised data collection and analysis systems, computer manipulation of medical images and radiation monitoring during the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Registration requirements

Medical physicists wishing to practise in Queensland must possess a tertiary level Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Applied Science with a major in physics, applied physics, astrophysics, photonics or nanoscience and obtain the appropriate certification from the Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine (ACPSEM).

Individuals wishing to practise as a Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist must be awarded a Certification in Radiation Oncology Medical Physics from the ACPSEM.

Internationally qualified radiation oncology medical physicists

Both Australian and internationally trained medical physicists must complete a skills assessment through the Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine (ACPSEM) as part of the certification process, in order to be eligible to work in their profession.

Each medical physics specialty has their own policy regarding certification of internationally trained medical physicists and these candidates may have additional requirements to demonstrate equivalency.

Radiation oncology medical physicists must be awarded the ACPSEM Certification in Radiation Oncology Medical Physics in order to practise in Australia.

Last updated: 11 June 2014