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Not guaranteed offer graduates (applicant groups B - D)

All ‘Applicant group B-D candidates’ must participate in one or more merit selection process(es) to be considered for an intern position in Queensland.

Applicant groups B – D are ‘Not guaranteed offer graduates’. For clarification purposes, the University of Queensland Ochsner and Monash University, Sunway Malaysia programs are considered Australian University campuses outside of Australia accredited by the Australian Medical Council.

After the Applicant Group A offers are finalised, the position status report is updated with the locations and number of positions available to ‘Applicant group B-D candidates’.

Before the merit selection processes begin, eligible applicant groups can amend their hospital preferences.

Merit selection

The merit selection processes for intern positions are conducted by each individual hospital and are tailored specifically for their service. The selection methods are designed by the hospital, but commonly include shortlisting, interviews and referee checks. The Department of Health is not involved in any merit selection process. To find out about each Hospital and Health Service merit selection processes and what they look for in an intern please contact the Hospital directly.

Accepting an offer

At the end of the merit selection processes, second round intern offers are released to successful applicants via the online application system.

You will have 48 hours to accept or decline intern offers from individual hospitals via the application portal. You do not have an option to ‘tentatively accept’ an intern offer.

See campaign dates for specific details.


  • Applicants who decline an offer or withdrawn their application through the online application portal will not be considered for any further intern positions in Queensland through the 2021 intern campaign.

Read a summary of intern allocation and selection

Last updated: 16 July 2020