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How to apply

  1. Read all the application material
  2. Prepare supporting documentation
  3. Complete your online application
  4. Submit your online application
  5. Amend your online application

Step 1: Read all the application material

Step 2: Prepare supporting documentation

A number of documents will be required to complete the online application; we recommend that you have these documents ready prior to commencing your application.

  • all files uploaded must be in PDF format
  • the maximum file size accepted is 1MB per file
  • if you have multiple pages for upload to a question you will be required to scan all pages as one single PDF document
  • documents do not need to be certified by a Justice of the Peace or equivalent at this stage. If you obtain an Intern position your employing hospital may ask you to provide originals
  • review the documentation checklist (PDF 237 kB)

Step 3: Complete your online application

Once you have read the application material, you are able to commence your online intern application. Applications are lodged via a central online application portal which allows applicants to assign a preference to all participating hospitals from highest to lowest, number 1 being the most preferred hospital.

This online application form is the only method of application. No written applications are accepted.

Step 4: Submit your application

Before you submit your application:

  • contact the relevant medical recruitment team(s) to clarify any intern employment conditions
  • make sure you have entered a current phone number and email address. We use these details when we contact you with offers. Once submitted you can change your details anytime throughout the campaign
  • review your preferences. You must nominate a preference (1-20) for all participating hospitals.

Submit your application via the online application portal.

Step 5: Amend your online application

Before the closing date of the campaign, you can edit any information contained in your online application. For information on how to amend your details, refer to the applicant user guide.

After the closing date of the campaign, you can edit the following details of your application:

  • contact details
  • unique identifier number
  • referee details
  • documents that you uploaded before you submitted your application:
    • visa documentation
    • AMC Certificate
    • medical Degree
    • CV
    • criminal history check
    • vaccination status
    • passport or Birth certificate.

If you need to upload documents that were not included in your application at the time of submission:

Applicant group B, C and D can also edit their preferences after the first round of offers are finalised for Applicant group A.

Last updated: 3 March 2020


Review campaign dates to confirm when you can make amendments.

Review the application checklist (PDF 237 kB) for the required supporting documents.