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Supporting documentation

Before commencing employment, all interns must have:

  • applied via the Intern Recruitment campaign and uploaded all relevant supporting documentation
  • met Queensland Health's pre-employment checks (these checks are conducted by your employing facility)
  • have obtained provisional registration with the Medical Board of Australia.

The application portal user guide steps applicants through the online intern application process and how to apply. Furthermore, to assist with Queensland Health mandatory documentation requirements, please review the documentation checklist in the Application Guide (PDF 3303 kB) prior to commencing your online application.

Note: All Identification documents must be certified by either a Commissioner of Declaration, Justice of the Peace, Solicitor, Barrister or notary public. Prior to receiving an offer of employment all appointments are subject to a mandatory pre-employment check conducted by the recruiting facility, which may include a request for additional information or verification of information supplied in your application.

Applicant Group eligibility, and Identification Documentation

Check your applicant group status.

Applicant Groups A & B and Applicant Group D (if relevant) must provide copies of:

  • current Australian/New Zealand Passport (including identification photo) or evidence of Australian/New Zealand Citizenship, or
  • current Australian/New Zealand Birth certificate and valid Australian drivers licence, or
  • current Australian/New Zealand Birth certificate and Australian valid student photo ID card/Proof of age card, or
  • current passport plus evidence of Australian permanent visa and a copy of Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) Entitlements Check Form

Applicant Group C and, Applicant Group D (if relevant) must provide copies of:

Note: all applicants are required to provide an additional two (2) forms of identification. For further information please refer to HR Policy B1 (PDF 661 kB) (recruitment and selection) for more information.

Criminal History

All applicants must submit a Queensland Health criminal history check consent form (PDF 69 kB)

A criminal history check is a mandatory Queensland Health employment requirement. Providing consent at the time of application will expedite pre-employment processes.

Note: witnesses require to be over the age of 18

Vaccine Preventable Diseases

All applicants are required to provide documentary evidence to verify they are either vaccinated against or that they are not susceptible to the specified vaccine preventable diseases (VPD):

  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)
  • Whooping cough (Pertussis)
  • Chicken pox (Varicella)
  • Hepatitis B

Evidence must be provided on the VPD evidence certification form (PDF 120 kB) or the VPD evidence form (PDF 181 kB).

Note: supporting documentation attached to the VPD evidence form must be combined and uploaded to your application as one single document.

Curriculum Vitae

All applicants must upload a current signed copy of their Curriculum Vitae (CV), including a statement confirming the content id true and correct.

For convenience, applicants may choose to use the Queensland Health Medical practitioner CV template (DOC 320 kB)

Referee Reports

All applicants are required to nominate two (2) referees (who are not a personal friend) and provide their contact details.

Referees must be able to comment on applicants:

  • professional relationships
  • clinical skills and knowledge
  • professional and ethical behaviour
  • communication and interpersonal skills
  • teaching and learning
  • leadership and teamwork
  • employability

Note: applicants must request approval from their referees before nominating them on their application, and where possible use organisational email addresses rather than personal email addresses, ensuring the email address is spelt correctly.

Applicant group A candidates must nominate two (2) referees; referees will not receive an auto email requesting a report. Therefore, referees may not need to complete a report, however, hospitals may contact applicant's referees at a later date if they require further information.

Applicant groups B, C & D candidates are selected via a merit process, thus referee reports are required for this process. Applicants should ensure their referees submit a report in a timely manner, before the selection period of these applicant groups. Queensland Health accepts no liability for outstanding referee reports. Once the referee details section on the application is complete select 'save and continue', an email notification will be sent to the nominated referees to complete and upload a report to the system.

Applicant groups B, C & D candidates who are unable to source a clinical referee may nominate a non-clinical referee, they must be a professional i.e. previous Supervisor, Manager, Nurse etc and cannot be a friend or relative. Note: Candidates must try and obtain a clinical referee and if unsuccessful may nominate a professional referee. Nominated professional referees will not be able to provide comment on the candidate's clinical knowledge and therefore will be required to answer 'N/A not observed'. Candidates must communicate this to their referee when requesting approval to nominate them.

Applicants will need to tell their referees to:

  • check junk mail if they are unable to locate the email in their inbox
  • complete the referee report by early July, and
  • expect a completion email with a copy of the report attached once report is completed online and successfully submitted.

Note: applicants will also receive a confirmation email once a referee report has been submitted.

Amending referee details

Applicants can change referee details or replace an existing referee with a new referee at any time during the recruitment process, however, please note:

  • the system will automatically send emails to the old referee, new referee (or old referees new contact details) as well as to the applicant to acknowledge this process has occurred
  • amendments to a referee email address will prompt the system to automatically re-send the request for a reference
  • if the applicants referee has completed a report, and the email address is amended, the report attached will be deleted and a new report will need to be resubmitted by the nominated referee, and
  • if a referee email address is amended before a report has been submitted the email link provided to the referee will become invalid, and will receive an email notification advising they are no longer required to submit a report.

Registration with the Medical Board of Australia

It is your responsibility to obtain registration with the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) before you can commence duty as an intern.

Read about MBA registration as an intern.

Applying for registration is separate process, however, it is a mandatory employment requirement. Failure to obtain registration with the MBA before the start of the medical year:

  • will compromise your ability to start work as agreed
  • may result in a termination of your contract.

The MBA's registration standards define the requirements for registration. All applicants for registration must meet the following mandatory registration standards, but not limited to:

  • Criminal history registration standard
  • English language skills registration standard
  • Professional indemnity insurance registration standard
  • Recency of practice registration standard
  • Continuing professional development registration standard

For further information regarding the MBA registration standards please visit Medical Board of Australia.

Last updated: 7 May 2020