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Joint tickets for interns

Couples where both medical students are Applicant group A may apply for a joint ticket to be appointed to the same Queensland hospital for their internship.

This is only offered for Applicant group A candidates.

Joint tickets are subject to assessment and approval by a Review Committee. Check the campaign dates calendar to confirm the due dates for supporting documentation and consideration of joint tickets.

Approval for a joint ticket is not guaranteed.

Joint ticket candidates cannot also apply for exemption or special consideration.


Applications for a joint ticket must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Both applicants meet criteria for Applicant Group A
  • Their relationship must meet the definition of a 'couple' (for the purposes of this application): They must be ".....married or de facto (including same sex couples) for at least nine months at the time of application."
  • Both applicants will be completing their MBBS at a Queensland university.
  • Both applicants will be graduating at the same time.
  • Both applicants are eligible to commence training at the beginning of the medical year (i.e. week one of term one).

How to apply for a joint ticket

Eligible applicants who intend to apply for a joint ticket must:

  • indicate their intention on their respective online applications—both partners must do so and list their partner's name
  • submit identical hospital preferences—if the preferences do not match, the applicants will not be considered for a joint ticket
  • submit the required supporting documentation.

After the close of general applications joint ticket applicants will receive email notification of:

  • the required supporting documentation
  • due date for documents
  • method of submission. 

Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements may apply for a joint ticket to any of the hospitals which employ interns. However:

  • A successful joint ticket application does not exclude applicants from the oversubscribed hospital ballot process—if one partner is selected via the ballot, both partners will be reallocated to their next available (undersubscribed) hospital preference where two positions remain vacant.

Supporting documentation

In addition to the normal application documentation, eligible applicants applying for a joint ticket need to supply statutory declarations and other documentary evidence, that confirms their relationship meets the required definition of a couple (for the purposes of this application).

All documents must be certified by a Commissioner for Declarations, Justice of the Peace or solicitor as true copies of the originals, and that person must not be a family member.

Statutory declarations

A minimum of two Queensland statutory declarations are required:

  • The first should
    • be from the applicant applying for a joint ticket
    • note the hospital that both Applicant group A candidates are applying to,
    • declare the couple status
    • list what documents have been supplied to support their application for a joint ticket.
  • The second:
    • must be from someone other than the applicants themselves
    • should confirm the applicants couple status

Family members cannot:

  • witness or sign any declarations
  • certify any documents.

Download the Queensland Statutory declaration (these can also be obtained from any Australia Post Office).

Commonwealth Statutory declarations will not be accepted.

Evidence of couple status

Applicants must provide certified copies of one of the following:

  1. Marriage certificate OR Queensland statutory declaration from person/s who can vouch the couple have been in a de facto relationship for at least nine months at the time of application.
  2. Recent utility accounts (e.g. phone, gas or electricity) that have both partner's names, or separate utility accounts that each partner receive at the same address.
  3. Lease agreement with both partner's names.
Evidence of MBBS enrolment and completion date

Applicants must provide certified copies of:

  • Correspondence from a Queensland University which confirms that both students:
    • are currently enrolled in MBBS/Doctor of Medicine course
    • will complete their course requirements at the same time.

Student identification cards, semester timetables and/or academic transcripts are not sufficient.

Last updated: 3 November 2017