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National intern Audit

All states have agreed to share information related to acceptances of intern offers throughout the offer process. This audit aims to:

  • minimise the number of vacant intern positions across jurisdictions at the start of the clinical year
  • support the national priority of providing Australian trained graduates with an internship, as the number of medical graduates applying for positions in Australia grows.

An independent central administrator (based in New South Wales) is responsible for administering the national audit process. They:

  • analyse the data provided from each of the states/jurisdictions and identify those applicants who have accepted multiple intern positions
  • contact these applicants (who must choose which offer they wish to accept within 48 hours, or their first offer will be considered as their accepted offer)
  • provide reports to states / jurisdictions.

They may communicate with the Medical Board of Australia and/or the state to which a applicant has applied for the purpose of verifying applicant details.

Intern Recruitment 2021 National Intern Audit Flyer

Unique student identifier

A unique student identifier is allocated to all medical graduates who will be applying for intern positions so that multiple applications can be easily identified. This process is managed by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority (AHPRA) as follows:

  • Medical Deans provide AHPRA with a list of each student in their final year of medical studies
  • AHPRA generates a nine-digit numeric Medical Intern Placement Number (MIPN) for each student and provides the MIPN to the Medical Deans
  • Medical Deans then provide the MIPN to each student
  • if a student misplaces their MIPN they will need to contact the university to have it re-issued.

Reporting and personal information

The independent central administrator provides jurisdictions with 2 reports:

  • the number of applicants who have accepted an intern position with that state/jurisdiction, who have also accepted an intern position in another state/jurisdiction
  • the names of those applicants who have advised that they intend to accept or decline the position offered by that state/jurisdiction. The minimum agreed data set provided will include:
    • applicants first name and surname
    • university at which the applicant is studying
    • residency status
    • email address
    • telephone number
    • university student number.

Data storage and information security

All information received is stored securely in a password protected spreadsheet and that applicant's privacy is protected.

The Central Administrator is required to sign a confidentiality agreement outlining the requirements for the protection of information provided as part of the audit.

More information

For further information regarding the National Audit of Intern Acceptances, please contact the Intern Campaign Coordinator at

Last updated: 20 April 2020