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Managing internships nationally

Jurisdictions across Australia undertake a coordinated approach to intern recruitment.

Some application and selection process dates are aligned throughout the country.

Graduates may apply for an intern position anywhere in Australia, but a national audit process identifies and resolves duplicate acceptances across jurisdictions and monitors the number of available positions nation-wide at any stage of the process.

Applicants who accept a position in more than one state or territory, will be identified in the national audit and asked to choose one position within 48 hours. This helps ensure the fair distribution of applicants, so that facilities are not under-subscribed at the end of the selection process.


Domestic graduates from Australian universities are guaranteed an intern position in the State or Territory from which they are graduating, under a 2006 Council of Australian Governments agreement.

In Queensland these applicants are identified as Applicant Group A ('guaranteed offer graduates') and are allocated available intern positions first.

If a Queensland Health offer is declined (or if an application is withdrawn) at any stage, the applicant will not be considered for any further intern positions in Queensland Health for the current intern campaign.

Read about repeating, deferring or withdrawing an application particularly the implications for applications for future campaigns

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Last updated: 11 October 2018