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Deferring an internship

To be eligible to apply to defer your intern year, you must be:

  • be an applicant group A
  • able to show evidence of satisfactory grounds (compassionate or extenuating circumstances) for deferral

A request for deferral is to be submitted in addition to an internship application for your immediate postgraduate year.

Deferral approvals are not guaranteed—documentary evidence of satisfactory grounds is required and will be subject to assessment by the Review Committee.

The Committee's determination will guide whether your intern application will be considered in this campaign, or if you are approved to apply in the subsequent intern campaign.

You can only apply to defer for 1 year.

Outcome of deferral requests

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their request for deferral after the Review Committee meeting.

Decisions made by the Review Committee are final and are not subject to challenge or appeal.

If your deferral request is approved by the Review Committee you must:

  • withdraw your application from the current campaign
  • submit a new application in the following year

Approved deferrals are valid for 1 year only.  If you do not submit an intern application in the next intern campaign, your approval will lapse.  If you submit an application in future campaigns (other than the year immediately following your approval), you will be required to participate in merit selection processes with all other applicant groups (B, C & D).

If your deferral request is declined by the Review Committee, your application will proceed in the current campaign and you will be allocated to an intern position either automatically or via random ballot with all other applicant groups (B, C & D).

If you withdraw your application or decline your intern offer without an approved deferral, you will not receive any further offers in the current campaign.  If you then submit an application to a subsequent intern campaign, you will be subject to merit selection with all other applicant groups (B, C & D).

How to apply

Email your request and written evidence to before the application closing date.

The documentation will be provided to the Review Committee who will either approve or decline your deferral request.

Read more about the Review Committee.

Satisfactory grounds for deferral—written evidence

Applicant group A candidates wishing to defer must provide written evidence showing satisfactory grounds for the application. A deferral request without supporting documentation will not be considered by the Review Committee.

You must submit at least two Queensland statutory declarations to support your request.

The first statutory declaration should explain your reasoning for deferring the internship offer. This may include reasons such as:

  • failing university subjects which would preclude you from applying or commencing in January–April of the medical year
  • maternity leave, or
  • other compelling reasons.

The other Queensland statutory declaration(s) should be made by someone else to confirm your claim.

  • Evidence may include the following:
    • a letter from university confirming that the applicant is currently a full time student and specifying the students graduation date,
    • birth certificate for maternity leave, or
    • medical certificate.

The Queensland statutory declarations should not be witnessed by a family member.

Copied documents must be certified by a Justice of the Peace or solicitor to be true copies.

Please note that Commonwealth statutory declarations will not be accepted.

Last updated: 26 July 2019