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Repeating an internship

You may be eligible to repeat an internship if you have:

  • accepted and not started your internship, or
  • accepted and started an internship with Queensland Health but for reasons of compassionate or extenuating circumstances are not able to complete the internship.

There is no guarantee of re-employment in an intern position if you apply to repeat your internship year or specific terms with Queensland Health.

If you seek to repeat an internship you will be required to either renegotiate your existing contract or participate in a merit selection process to be considered for employment.


Contact your employing hospital to see if an extension or renegotiation of your existing contract is possible.

This is a locally managed process between you and the hospital.

If you can’t get an extension or renegotiation of your contract you may apply to subsequent intern recruitment campaigns.  You will need to:

  • apply again via the online application portal

You may be contacted by medical recruitment teams should further information or consultation be required for a hospital's merit selection process.

Requests for exemption from merit selection

The Review Committee may consider granting an exemption from merit selection in the following circumstances:

  • the applicant is a domestic Queensland graduate in Applicant Group B (and was an Applicant Group A in a previous campaign); and
  • compassionate or extenuating circumstances prevented the commencement or completion of internship

Exemption applications are subject to assessment and approval by the Review Committee. Eligible applicants must:

  • email the Intern Campaign Coordinator, comprehensively outlining details of the circumstances which prevented the commencement or completion of internship
  • supply any relevant documentation to support request for exemption which includes:
    • all internship term reports,
    • two referee reports from recent supervisors,
    • a statement from the Director of Clinical Training at the original internship site,
    • any other supporting documentation (e.g. medical certificate).

This documentation must be emailed to by the closing date of the campaign.

All applicants approved by the Review Committee for an exemption will have their applicant group status updated from Applicant Group B to Applicant Group A.

Exemption requests that are not submitted in full before the nominated deadline will not be considered by the Review Committee.

Last updated: 1 May 2020