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Withdrawing or declining an internship offer

Withdrawing an application

You may withdraw your application at any time.

However, once you withdraw your application, you will not be considered for any further intern positions within Queensland Health during the current intern campaign.

If you have accepted an offer from another jurisdiction, or are not able to start duty as required (i.e. you may have failed to complete course requirements), you should withdraw your application as soon as you can, so the relevant hospital can quickly recruit to the vacant position.

Applicant Group A Candidates

If you apply and withdraw your application (for employment in the year immediately following your graduation) without requesting approval to defer, you will be considered as an applicant group B candidate for any future applications.

If you apply and receive an approval to defer your internship, you can withdraw your intern application. You will be considered as an applicant group A in the next year's intern campaign.

If you apply for an internship position but fail course requirements, which will delay your graduation for another year, you should withdraw your application and reapply in next year’s campaign. Your application will be managed as an applicant group A as long as you are applying for an internship in for the year immediately following your graduation.

Read about applying for a deferral.

How to withdraw

  • Email your allocated facility and the intern campaign coordinator (if you have accepted an intern  position)
  • Log into the online application portal and select 'withdraw'.
  • Refer to the Applicant user guide (PDF 1,685KB) for help.
  • You will receive an automated confirmation of withdrawal via e-mail.

Reinstating your withdrawn application

If you have withdrawn your application and later want to reinstate it, email the Intern Campaign Coordinator

Your request should provide:

  • advice of the error
  • a clear reason why your application needs reinstating.

The Intern Campaign Coordinator will respond accordingly.

Declining an internship offer

You can decline your internship offer, but it may affect the way your application is managed if you reapply in a subsequent intern campaign.

  • If you decline your offer without an approved deferral, you will be considered as an applicant group B if you submit an application in a subsequent campaign.
  • If you withdraw your application after you’ve accepted an intern position, you will need to follow the repeating an internship process if you apply in a subsequent campaign.

If you are declining an offer you should make contact with the Medical Board of Australia to discuss your intentions regarding internship training.

Last updated: 26 July 2019