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Intern allocation and selection

Applicants who are eligible for an internship in Queensland are categorised into applicant groups.

Based on their applicant group, medical graduates are classified as either 'Guaranteed offer graduates' or 'Not guaranteed offer graduates'.  This informs how their application will be managed within the intern campaign in Queensland.

 DefinitionEligible applicants
Guaranteed offer graduates

Medical graduates who are guaranteed an offer of an intern position in Queensland for their immediate postgraduate year.
Allocation to intern positions may be automatic or via random ballot, based on hospital preferences nominated in the intern application form.

Group A

Not guaranteed offer graduatesIntern offers to medical graduates are determined via individual merit selection processes conducted by each participating Hospital

Group B

Group C

Group D


  • Immediate post graduate year = year immediately following year of graduation (or plus one additional year, if graduate has approved request for deferral)
  • The number of vacant positions available to 'not guaranteed offer graduates' at each participating hospital will depend on the number of ‘guaranteed offer graduates’ allocated to intern positions at the facility.
  • There is no obligation for hospitals to sequentially select ‘not guaranteed offer graduates’ through Groups B, C and D.
  • Applicants who do not meet the outlined criteria for Groups B, C or D may be considered for inclusion in merit selection processes at the discretion of each participating hospital.
Last updated: 3 November 2017