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Roll-back process

The roll-back process only applies to applicant group A candidates who tentatively accepted their first round offer.

The roll-back occurs after the ballot and first round offers have been finalised. It aims to match applicant group A candidates to a higher preference hospital should a vacancy become available due to another applicant group A candidate declining their offer.

Roll-back is a one-off process and depends on the number of position offers declined in first round offers.

Applicant group A candidates who have tentatively accepted a lower preference offer may be contacted with a higher preference (if it is now available).

The applicant who was last balloted out during the random ballot process will be the first applicant to be contacted if a higher preference is available, this process is repeated (second last applicant balloted out) until all positions are filled.

Candidate information

The whole roll-back process happens in 1 day.

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All applicants (or their proxies) participating in the roll-back process (i.e. those who have tentatively accepted their Queensland offer) need to be:

  • contactable on the day.
  • ready to accept or decline the roll-back offer at the time of the telephone call from the Intern Campaign Coordinator.

Proxy details need to be emailed to the Intern Campaign Coordinator before the day.

Please note:

  • If you are not contactable by phone you will miss out on the offer:
    • we do not leave voicemail messages
    • you will not be able to call back later with a decision.

If you are contacted:

  • You can decline the higher preference and accept the original offer without being penalised.
  • You can verbally accept the higher preference. You will receive an email with details of the new offer after the roll-back process has concluded that day and you must formally accept the offer via the online application system by 3pm.

If you are not contacted:

  • A higher preference is not available.
  • You must still log in to the application portal and accept/decline your original offer by 3pm that day.
Last updated: 26 July 2019