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  • Yes. Where the position is a facility or college or centralised pathway/network training program, you still need to apply to the campaign.

    Acceptance on to a college training program is an arrangement between an individual and the relevant college and is not a contract of employment with a particular facility. Vocational trainees are still required to complete the necessary arrangements to formalise their employment with a Queensland Health facility, as a facility is a separate body to the college. For further information please consult Recruitment and Selection HR Policy B1 (PDF 661 kB).

  • Overseas trained doctors can apply for positions during the annual RMO campaign. Applications for positions are based on merit, in competition against local applicants.

    All applicants must be able to obtain or maintain professional medical registration with the Medical Board of Australia prior to your commencing work.

    Please note that the appointment of an applicant without Australian citizenship or permanent residency is for a specific period of time only, depending on the contract of employment. Employment is not guaranteed beyond the date of the contract offered, notwithstanding the fact that an applicant’s working visa may be for a different period of time.

    Visa information and submission is managed by the Medical Recruitment Team at the Facility from which you have received a contract. Any visa related queries should be directed to this team, or alternatively, you can go to the Department of Home Affairs.

  • You are required to obtain or maintain your professional medical registration with the Medical Board of Australia prior to your commencing work. Your continued appointment is also conditional upon you maintaining this registration and having evidence of your registration issued by the Medical Board of Australia.

  • You can complete your application in any order at anytime, however, it is suggested that you complete your application start to finish. You are permitted to make changes to your application up until the closing date of the campaign. Refer to Amending your application before closing date.

  • Applicants preferences up to 5 facilities or position levels within Step 10: Preferences of the online application, we suggest you contact the facility/ies you are interested in attending to make the correct decision. Note that you should only apply for positions that you are prepared to work in, if you are offered the position.

    If you no longer wish to be considered for a position, please withdraw from that recruitment process by contacting the facility directly. Moreover, if you receive more than one offer, you can only accept one offer, and must decline all others.

  • Most positions advertised on the RMO campaign are full-time positions however if you are interested in working part-time, please contact your preferenced facilities directly and discuss opportunities with them. You will also need to preference the facility at Step 10: Preferences of the online application to be considered. Note preference your first six month as 1st preference and the second six month as 2nd preference.

  • There is no section in the application to show six-month rotations at two different facilities. Applicants applying for a rotation should arrange their circumstances directly with both facilities involved to ensure they are aware of the rotation. Please enter your facility of choice for the first six month as 1st preference and the second six month as 2nd preference.

  • Your referees will received an automatic email notification to complete a reference once you click 'Save and Continue' on the Referee page of the application. Please check that the email address entered for your referees is correct. If incorrect, amend the email address and click ‘Save and continue' for the request to be resent. If correct, please make contact with the RMO Campaign Coordinator at

  • An automatic email notification will be sent to you to advise that the report has been completed and attached to your application once your referee has uploaded the report.

  • Depending on the positions level you are applying for, due dates differ. If you are applying for a Registrar level training position via a program, network or pathway or applying for a PHO position, referee reports are due a week after the closing date of the campaign. SHO/JHO applicants have until there Recruitment Round begins, however the sooner that a referee completes the report the better.

  • Each year approximately 6,000 positions are advertised through the RMO and Registrar Campaign, this includes accredited training positions recruited through Queensland Health centralised vocational training programs.

Last updated: 19 March 2021