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How the RMO campaign works

Queensland Health facilitates an annual campaign to recruit resident medical officers (RMOs) and registrars for positions in Hospital and Health Services (HHSs) across the state.

On a yearly basis all participating Queensland Health facilities, Greenslopes Private Hospital, Mater Health Service and vocational training programs provide the RMO campaign with a list of available vacancies for the proceeding clinical year. This list includes accredited and non-accredited Registrar vacancies, PHO, SHO and JHO vacancies by specialty and sub-specialty that will be advertised via the RMO campaign. On occasion, there are other vacancies not included in the RMO campaign and these are advertised via the Smartjobs and Careers website.

From their pool of applicants received via the campaign, specialist medical colleges, Queensland Health facilities, vocational training pathways, networks and central allocation programs run their own meritorious recruitment processes.


Applications to the following position levels are accepted via the RMO campaign:

  • Registrars
  • Principal House Officers (PHOs)
  • Senior House Officers (SHOs)
  • Junior House Officers (JHOs)

In Queensland, Registrar level positions are generally ‘training’ positions however some facilities offer Registrar level positions which are non-accredited training positions and may not count towards training time. Please check with the facility directly about these vacancies.

Read more about the medical career structure in Queensland Health.

How can apply?

Australian medical graduates and medical practitioners who are seeking to practise medicine in Queensland must hold current registration or be eligible to obtain registration with the Medical Board of Australia.  For further information on application and registration requirements, please visit the Medical Board's website at

How preferences work?

All candidates can preference up to 5 positions of choice within the main Preference section at Step 10 of the online RMO application. Candidates should always discuss employment opportunities with their preferred facilities or the organisation allocating positions before submitting an application.

Once the campaign closes only preferenced facilities or the organisation allocating positions are able to assess applications within the specified recruitment round, see below. Assessing organisation access applications and attachments, and conduct meritorious recruitment activities. The origination may contact applicants to discuss applications, employment opportunities or organise interviews. If you are not contacted by the recruiting organisation we suggest you contact them directly to enquire on the progress of your application, refer to Facility contact details webpage.

Candidates applying for a training position, need to refer to the Specialty training recruitment webpage for your Specialty, review key training application requirements and contact details by clicking on the provided links and Preferencing guides.

In the event you are not selected to your preferred position or training program, preferences 2-5 should be used as alternative options

How do recruitment rounds work?

Once the campaign closes recruitment activities begin, refer to Campaign important dates webpage for the breakdown.

Each Recruitment Round is divided into two sections with specified timeframes. Recruitment Round 1 begins with the assessment of 1st Preference Registrars and PHO applications, followed by the assessment of 2nd to 5th Preference Registrar and PHO applications.

Once recruitment activities are complete, recruiting organisations contact and allocate their successful candidates to the available positions. Note that Recruitment Round 1 allocations may not be finalised by the time Recruitment Round 2: SHO and JHO begins, this is the case with some training allocations.

Once Registrar and PHO selections are complete, Recruitment Round 2 assessment of 1st Preference SHO and JHO applications begin, this is followed by assessment of 2nd to 5th Preference SHO and JHO applications.

Please be aware that some organisations exhaust their 1st Preference applicant pool prior to recruiting from their 2nd to 5th Preferenced application pool.

Candidates have the option to amend preferences at specified periods throughout the campaign, an email is sent to available candidates with a list of Remaining Vacancies. Candidates are able to amend preferences and once updated, facilities conduct their recruitment activities to fill remaining vacancies. Refer to the Re-preference Round dates and times within the Campaign important dates webpage.

Selection Round

1st Preference

2nd to 5th Preferences

Recruitment Round 1:

Registrar and PHO

30/07/18 - 17/08/1820/08/18 - 31/08/18
Application Re-preferencing14/09/18 - 16/09/18
Remaining vacancies selectionFrom 17/09/18

Recruitment Round 2:


17/09/18 - 28/09/1801/10/18 - 10/10/18
Application Re-preferencing12/10/18 - 14/10/18
Remaining vacancies selection15/10/18 - 22/10/18

Open Round:

Remaining vacancies

22/10/18 - on wards

Where to submit an application

Applications are lodged via a central online application portal. If you are applying for, or have been accepted onto an accredited training program with a specialist medical college, you will still need to submit an online RMO application.

Paper applications will not be accepted.

Refer to the Applicant user guide (PDF 971KB)

HR Policy B1 (recruitment and selection) for more information.

Last updated: 6 June 2018