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Specialty training programs

In Queensland, specialist medical trainees can be allocated to a training position via three separate avenues:

  1. a centrally managed Queensland Health pathway, network or training program
  2. directly by a Queensland Health facility accredited for training; or
  3. an individual specialist medical college, which allocates trainees to a Queensland facility

Review your discipline's webpage for information regarding eligibility, recruitment processes, important dates, and other specific requirements needed to acquire a training position. All candidates irrespective of their training program must apply via the RMO campaign applicant portal and be registered (or plan to register) with the relevant specialist medical college.

Applicants that have been affected by the delay or cancellation of college examinations are encouraged to contact the RMO campaign coordinator to discuss re-preferencing options.

To review all available positions, please go to the Position Search Tool.

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Last updated: 19 May 2022