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Medical specialty training programs

In Queensland, specialist medical trainees can be allocated to a training position via three different avenues:

  1. a centrally managed Queensland Health pathway, network or training program
  2. directly by a Queensland Health facility accredited for training; or
  3. an individual specialist medical college, which allocates trainees to a Queensland facility

All applicants irrespective of their training program must apply to the RMO campaign application portal and be registered (or plan to register) with the relevant specialist medical college.

To learn more about your specialty's recruitment avenue, click on the appropriate link below:

Anatomical Pathology
(incl. Forensic)
AnaesthesiaBasic PaediatricsBasic Physicians
CardiologyChemical PathologyChief Medical RegistrarClinical Genetics
Clinical Immunology & AllergyClinical PharmacologyDermatologyEmergency Medicine
EndocrinologyHaematology (Clinical/Lab)GastroenterologyGeneral Medicine
General PaediatricsGeneral PathologyGeriatric MedicineImmunopathology
Infectious DiseasesIntensive Care MedicineMedical AdministrationMedical Oncology
MicrobiologyNeonatal and PerinatalNephrologyNeurology
Nuclear MedicineObstetrics and GynaecologyOphthalmologyPain Medicine
Palliative MedicinePsychiatryPublic HealthRadiation Oncology
RadiologyRehabilitation MedicineRheumatologyRespiratory Medicine
Retrieval MedicineRural MedicineSexual HealthSurgery & sub-specialties

Preference guides for training programs and facility recruited positions

The following preference guides have been created to assist you in completing your online RMO application, Step 10: Preferences. We also recommend you review your discipline's webpage for further information regarding eligibility, recruitment processes, important dates, and other specific requirements needed to acquire a training position.

SpecialtySpecialty Training ProgramsSpecialty training guidesFacility recruited guides
Anaesthesia Queensland Anaesthetic Rotational Training Scheme (QARTS)

QARTS training preference guide (PDF 741 kB)

Aneasthetics facility preference guide (PDF 424 kB)

Basic Paediatric

Queensland Basic Paediatric Training Network

Basic Paediatrics training preference guide (PDF 81 kB)

Paediatrics facility preference guide (PDF 424 kB)

Basic PhysicianQueensland Basic Physician Training Network (Adult Medicine)

Basic physician training preference guide (PDF 93 kB)

Adult medicine facility preference guide (PDF 458 kB)

Cardiology Queensland Cardiology Advanced Training Pathway

Cardiology training preference guide  (PDF 536 kB)

Cardiology facility preference guide (PDF 409 kB)
Chief Medical RegistrarRoyal Australasian College of Physicians 

Chief medical registrar facility preference guide (PDF 414 kB)

Clinical GeneticsRoyal Australasian College of Physicians 

Clinical genetics facility preference guide (PDF 388 kB)

Clinical Immunology and AllergyThe Royal Australasian College of Physicians

Clinical immunology and allergy training preference guide (PDF 422 kB)

Clinical PharmacologyRoyal Australasian College of Physicians 

Clinical pharmacology facility preference guide (PDF 513 kB)

DermatologyAustralasian College of DermatologistsDermatology preference guide (PDF 382 kB)Dermatology facility preference guide
(PDF 386 kB)
Emergency MedicineAustralasian College of Emergency Medicine ED facility preference guide (PDF 427 kB)
EndocrinologyQueensland Endocrinology Advanced Training NetworkEndocrinology training preference guide (PDF 526 kB) 
GastroenterologyQueensland Gastroenterology Advanced Training Program

Gastroenterology training preference guide (PDF 543 kB)

Gastroenterology facility preference guide (PDF 406 kB)
General Medicine   Queensland General Medicine Advanced Training Network

General medicine training preference guide (PDF 251 kB)

General Paediatrics

Queensland General Paediatric Advanced Training Pathway

General paediatric training preference guide (PDF 309 kB)

Paediatric facility preference guide (PDF 428 kB)

Geriatric MedicineQueensland Geriatric Medicine Advanced Training Program Geriatric training preference guide (PDF 535 kB)Geriatric facility preference guide
(PDF 400 kB)
Haematology (Clinical and Laboratory) Queensland Haematology (Clin/Lab) Advanced Training Pathway Haematology training preference guide (PDF 518 kB) 
Infectious Diseases Queensland Infectious Diseases Advanced Training Network Infectious diseases training preference guide (PDF 377 kB) 
Care Medicine
Queensland Intensive Care Training Pathway

Intensive care training preference guide (PDF 85 kB)

Intensive care facility preference guide (PDF 415 kB)

Medical AdministrationRoyal Australasian College of Medical AdministratorsMedical admin training preference guide (PDF 475 kB) 
Medical OncologyQueensland Medical Oncology Advanced Training NetworkMedical oncology training preference guide (PDF 390 kB)Medical oncology facility preference guide
(PDF 402 kB)
Neonatal and PerinatalQueensland Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine Advanced Training NetworkNeonatal training preference guide (PDF 88 kB)Neonatal facility preference guide (PDF 410 kB)
Nephrology  Queensland Nephrology Advanced Training Pathway Nephrology training preference guide (PDF 419 kB)Nephrology facility preference guide
(PDF 395 kB)
NeurologyAustralian and New Zealand Association of NeurologistsNeurology training preference guide
(PDF 586 kB)
Neurology facility preference guide (PDF 384 kB)
Nuclear MedicineRoyal Australasian College of Physicians 

Nuclear medicine facility preference guide (PDF 598 kB)

Obstetrics & GynaecologyRoyal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetrics and GynaecologistsObstetrics & gynaecology training preference guide
(PDF 631 kB)
Obstetrics & gynaecology facility preference guide (PDF 424 kB)
OphthalmologyRoyal Australian and New Zealand College of OphthalmologistsOphthalmology training preference guide (PDF 369 kB)Ophthalmology facility preference guide  (PDF 405 kB)
Pain MedicineFaculty of Pain MedicinePain medicine training preference guide (PDF 512 kB) 
Palliative Medicine Queensland Palliative Medicine Advanced Training Pathway Palliative medicine training preference guide (PDF 451 kB)Palliative medicine facility preference guide (PDF 407 kB)
Pathology Queensland Pathology Training Programs

Anatomical pathology training guide (PDF 384 kB)

Chemical pathology training guide (PDF 382 kB)

General pathology training guide (PDF 500 kB)

Genetics pathology training guide (PDF 494 kB)

Immunopathology training guide (PDF 500 kB)

Microbiology training guide (PDF 517 kB)

Psychiatry Queensland Psychiatry Training Programs  

Psychiatry facility preference guide (PDF 450 kB)

Public Health Queensland Public Health Medicine Advanced Training NetworkPublic health training preference guide (PDF 487 kB) 
Radiation OncologyRadiation Oncology training preference guide (PDF 637 kB)  

New applicants interested in applying to a training position with the Queensland Radiology Training Network, need to apply directly to the advertised position outside of the RMO Campaign.

Continuing trainees must apply to the RMO campaign for continual selection by the Queensland Radiology Training Network to a training facility.

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists

Radiology training preference guide (PDF 423 kB)Radiology facility preference guide (PDF 400 kB)

Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine

Rehabilitation position list and contacts
(PDF 166 kB)

Rehabilitation training preference guide (PDF 479 kB) 
RespiratoryQueensland Respiratory Medicine Advanced Training PathwayRespiratory training preference guide (PDF 536 kB) 
RheumatologyQueensland Rheumatology Advanced Training Network  

Rheumatology facility preference guide (PDF 604 kB)

Rural Medicine Queensland Rural Advanced Skills Training Pathway Rural AST training guide 
Sexual HealthRoyal Australasian College of Physicians 

Sexual health facility preference guide (PDF 592 kB)

Surgery Set 1 PHO

Queensland Health offers a central allocations program for SET 1 PHO applications in General Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

General Surgery SET 1 PHO preference guide  (PDF 428 kB)

Plastic Surgery SET 1 PHO preference guide (PDF 518 kB)

Surgery Set 2-5 (all sub-specialties)

SET 2-5 allocations for General and Plastic Surgery are conducted by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

Surgery (all sub-specialties) Set 2-5 training preference guide (PDF 499 kB)


Other programs

SpecialtyProgramApplicant guide
Pre-Hospital Retrieval Medicine

LifeFlight Retrieval Medicine

Pre-Hospital Retrieval Medicine is not currently a sub-specialty, however is recognised and counts as a Special Skills Term in Emergency Medicine, Anaesthetics and Intensive Care Medicine.

LRM applicant guide
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Last updated: 13 November 2019