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Dental salaries

We offer our dental professionals a wide range of benefits and a competitive salary.


How much you’ll get as a dental professional depends on the wage stream, your classification and status.

Dental stream wage rates apply to dental officers.

Health practitioner wage rates apply to the following roles:

  • oral health therapist
  • dental therapist
  • dental prosthetist
  • dental technicians.

Clinical assistants wage rates apply to dental assistants.

Hours of duty and overtime

As a dental professional, you will usually work 38 hours per week. You may do this over a normal five day week, a 19 day month, or a 9 day fortnight arrangement.

If you work more than 38 hours per week, we will pay you overtime. The way we pay this may vary from time-and-a-half to double-time-and-a-half. Or, if you prefer, you can accumulate time off in lieu of hours worked in excess of ordinary hours. This includes hours worked on public holidays.

Professional development

Ongoing learning and professional development are important to the organisation and development programs, in-service training and participation in research and other projects are actively encouraged.

All health practitioners and dentists receive generous entitlements to support their professional development. This includes an annual allowance, study leave, travel assistance and access to study and research assistance support.

Dental assistants have access to funding assistance to attain an Australian Qualification Framework certificate relevant to their role.

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Private practice

Queensland Health offers the opportunity for dentists to use public sector facilities for private practice. A dentist may use healthcare premises outside of their usual hours and responsibilities under a formal arrangement organised with their local employer.

Rural and remote incentives

Working for us, you can experience all the diversity of practising dentistry and building professional independence in rural and remote locations in Queensland. Whether in the outback or on the coast, there are challenges and rewards to be gained. You'll get to work and live in different social and cultural settings and contribute to the health of the community. You'll get exposure to advanced clinical presentations of oral diseases and enjoy the challenge of developing your clinical skills and problem-solving skills.

If you're a dentist located in a rural or remote area, the rural and remote incentive package will apply.

The rural and remote incentive is broken into three zones with payment based on a percentage of your base salary. How much you get depends on where you work.

  • Zone 1 – 10% of your base salary
  • Zone 2 – 17% of your base salary
  • Zone 3 – 32% of your base salary

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We contribute up to 12.75% of your annual salary towards your super. You can use our chosen super fund or choose a different one.

Read more about superannuation on the Queensland Government website.

Salary packaging

Salary packaging is when you and your employer 'package' your salary into income and benefits. It’s also known as salary sacrifice. Read about salary packaging.

Last updated: 17 August 2023