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Health Contact Centre

The Health Contact Centre (HCC) is a virtual healthcare provider of health assessment, advice and information services 24 hours, 7 days a week, all year round.

We employ nurses, health practitioners and telephone counsellors who provide a wide range of services by phone and through other channels. We also employ administrative staff, ICT professionals and project managers.

The HCC is an accredited organisation. HCC is highly responsive to changing health priorities and is a core part of the Queensland health system.

Thousands of Queenslanders interact with us daily. They contact us by calling 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) or 13 QUIT (13 7848).  These are trusted brands in the community. We also offer a range of outbound call services based on referrals. We don't cold call people.

What it’s like to work in the HCC

If you choose to join our vibrant team you'll:

  • get intensive training and ongoing support
  • develop highly valuable, transferrable skills
  • advance your technical skills in telephony and other systems
  • apply your skills and knowledge in the delivery of virtual care services
  • have professional development opportunities and formal career planning
  • have access to flexible work arrangements to support work-life balance
  • work in a clean and comfortable office environment in a leafy garden setting (with a good coffee bar downstairs).

Transcript for Health Contact Centre recruitment video

The Health Contact Centre is a leading provider of health care services providing 24-hour health assessment and advice to people living right across Queensland.

Over 300 staff work out of our office in Garden City.

We offer a wide range of services and provide our clients and callers with exceptional focused care.

Our Registered Nurses guide our callers through a comprehensive assessment of their symptoms using a clinical decision support system. But of course, most of our callers do not need an emergency level of care.

So, they are referred to an alternative, safe, appropriate health care provider or given advice on how best to care for themselves.

Our Counsellors help clients take action and make life altering changes.

We provide intensive training and ongoing support which allows our staff to develop highly valuable transferable skills.

Our workplace is very supportive, and the 24-hour nature of our service allows us to offer flexible work arrangements for our staff.

Our office environment is comfortable and not physically demanding allowing us to better focus on the care we give to our callers.

The Health Contact Centre is also an effective platform for healthcare students to gain real-world experience while they study.

Queensland's population continues to grow, and technology is advancing giving us an incredible opportunity to expand our services.

If you're passionate about growing and developing as a health professional, you're seeking high-level training and you want to be part of a vibrant team, we invite you to join us

Services you'll provide

Our teams are passionate about health and providing the best customer experience.

As part of our team, you’ll educate and empower consumers to make informed choices about their health and healthcare.

You’ll work with our partner health services and offer services across the continuum of care. The services you will provide will depend on your role.

As a registered nurse, you may:

  • guide our callers through a comprehensive assessment of their symptoms using a Clinical Decision Support System
  • provide child health and parenting advice
  • coach people in the self-management of chronic health conditions
  • follow up with people who are behind with their immunisations
  • contribute to the management of sexual health.

If you're a health practitioner or telephone counsellor, you may:

  • provide smoking cessation counselling and support through Quitline programs
  • help people with lifestyle changes ahead of elective surgery
  • be trained across a range of services to have variety in your work.

If you're an administration officer, you'll have direct contact with consumers in some services such as supporting contact tracing efforts.

If you're an IT professional or project manager, you'll have a diverse range of roles in our technology-enabled workplace. You may use data to analyse service performance and identify improvement opportunities.

If you're passionate about healthcare and quality service delivery, if you are keen to learn and innovate, join us at HCC.

What the wage rates are

How much you’ll get paid depends on the type of employee you are. Find out more about wage rates.

How to apply

We advertise our vacancies on SmartJobs and Seek.

Last updated: 12 September 2022

Awards and agreements

Many of the employment conditions are outlined in relevant awards and agreements. Find the current versions of all Queensland Health awards and agreements.