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Drink | Water fluoridation


The trouble with bubbles

drinkFizzy drinks look so sweet and harmless don't they? Well you’re half right. They're certainly sweet. When you get thirsty, think twice before you reach for a soft drink. There are lots of different ways to rehydrate.

Sugary traps

A bottle of soft drink can contain up to 9 teaspoons of sugar! So it's alarming to think that soft drink consumption in Australia has increased by around 30% over the last decade. Sports drinks are also very high in sugar. Limit soft drinks to mealtimes and whenever possible introduce a healthier substitute.

Juice alert

You might think juice is good for your baby, but beware. Juice should not be part of their diet until they're six months old. Sucking on baby bottles of juice or milk at bedtime can cause problems too. Try not to make it part of their sleeping routine. If they do fall asleep with a bottle in their mouth, don't wait any longer than 15 minutes to remove it.

Better options

Keep a jug of chilled water in the fridge. If the family think it's not as exciting as their 'usual' drop in some mint leaves or some fresh lemon juice for flavour.

Whenever you go out, take a water bottle with you. It’ll quench your thirst and save you money.

Last updated: 10 November 2010