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Food safety legislation

There are several pieces of food safety legislation in Queensland and each legislative instrument addresses food safety at a different level of the food supply chain.

Food Act 2006

The Food Act 2006 (the Act) is the primary food safety legislation in Queensland and applies to all Queensland food businesses. The objectives of the Act are to ensure food for sale is safe and suitable for human consumption, to prevent misleading conduct in relation to the sale of food and to apply the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. The Act manages food safety according to the level of risk that the food business presents to the community. The higher the level of risk, the higher the level of food safety regulation. Enforcement of the Act is a joint responsibility of Queensland Health and Local Government.

Food Regulation 2006

The Food Regulation 2006 (the Regulation) is subordinate legislation to the Act. The Regulation prescribes details in relation to licensable food businesses, display of licence details by mobile premises, isolation of contaminants in food and fees for applications.

Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code

The Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code) is a national standard that is adopted by all Australian States and Territories (and New Zealand) into their own food legislation and covers standards for food safety and hygiene, fit-out of food premises and the labelling, composition and advertising of food. Enforcement of the Code in Queensland is a joint responsibility of Queensland Health and Local Government.

Food Production (Safety) Act 2000

The Food Production (Safety) Act 2000 regulates food safety matters relating to the production of primary produce for which a food safety scheme applies as detailed in the Food Production (Safety) Regulation 2002. Currently, the following schemes are included:  egg and egg products, dairy produce, meat and meat products (including pet meat and rendered products) and seafood. Enforcement of the Food Production (Safety) Act 2000 in Queensland is the responsibility of Safe Food Production Queensland.

Food Production (Safety) Regulation 2002

The Food Production (Safety) Regulation 2002 is subordinate legislation to the Food Production (Safety) Act 2000.

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Fair Trading Act 1989

Provides for an equitable, competitive, informed and safe market place.

Fair Trading Regulation 2001

The Fair Trading Regulation 2001 is subordinate legislation to the Fair Trading Act 1989.

Note. There are also legislative requirements for packaged food to contain information about the weight of the food, name and address requirements and offences relating to misleading conduct, in relation to the sale of food. Contact the Queensland Office of Fair Trading for further information about these requirements.

Fisheries Act 1994

Provides for the management and protection of fish habitats, management of commercial, recreational and indigenous fishing, the prevention and control of eradication of disease in fish and the management of aquaculture.

Fisheries Regulation 2008

The Fisheries Regulation 2008 is subordinate legislation to the Fisheries Act 1994.

Access to Queensland Legislation

To access any piece of Queensland legislation, go to the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel website. All current legislation can be found under 'Acts, as in force'.

Hard copies of all Queensland legislation can be obtained from the Queensland Government bookshop, telephone: 1800 801 123, facsimile: (07) 3883 8720, email:

Last Updated: 22 September 2009
Last Reviewed: 22 September 2009