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HealthPACT - HealthPACT Committee Information

HealthPACT Committee Information

Australia and New Zealand's health care system is complex and has multiple parts.  HealthPACT was convened in recognition of the need to be forward-looking in regard to health technology developments and establishing appropriate mechanisms to review and evaluate technology to promote effective introduction and distribution.

HealthPACT membership comprises representatives from State and Territory government health departments, the Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA), the Hospitals Principal Committee (HPC), the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC), the Department of Veterans' Affairs, the Therapeutic Goods Administration, and the New Zealand Ministry of Health and District Health Boards. The current HealthPACT committee comprises of:

  • a Chair (nominated by HPC)
  • a representative from each jurisdiction
  • a representative from the Medical Services Advisory Committee
  • a representative from the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing
  • a HPC nominee
  • a representative from the New Zealand Ministry of Health
  • a representative from the New Zealand District Health Boards
  • a representative from the Department of Veterans' Affairs
  • a representative from the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

HealthPACT's Terms of Reference

The Terms and References for HealthPACT include:

  • overseeing the operation of the Australian and New Zealand Horizon Scanning Program
  • provision of a forum for monitoring, reviewing and sharing information regarding health technology to inform service planning and policy development in the public sector
  • identification, source and disseminate, in a timely manner, information on the safety, effectiveness and cost implications of new and emerging health technologies
  • advice on the priorities for the horizon scanning process
  • advice the Hospital Principal Committee (HPC) on the need for referral of appropriate technologies which require a systematic review or full health technology assessment (HTA) so that their safety, effectiveness and cost effectiveness can be thoroughly assessed.  These assessments would be undertaken by an appropriate provider, following a tender or request for quotation process
  • provision of a forum for jurisdictional input to the introduction and dissemination of health technology across Australia and New Zealand
  • provision of timely information on the safety, effectiveness and cost implications about changes in the delivery and use of existing technologies
  • provision of a forum to collaborate and exchange health technology information nationally and internationally
  • regularly updating HPC and the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council (AHMAC), through HPC, of its activities through the submission of an annual work plan and report, and
  • explore the potential to engage with industry throughout the entire life-cycle of technology development and introduction, but particularly in the early introduction of new technologies.

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Further information can be obtained by contacting the COAG Health Council Secretariat on (08) 8226 6191 or email

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Last updated: 4 July 2013