Stage 2 - IWFM

The IWFM project is an ICT-enabled business change project within Queensland Health that will be delivered across 3 stages. We are preparing for stage 2 which will see the implementation of the myHR solution (an employee self-service and manager self-service solution enabling enhanced establishment management).

Stage 2 of the project will involve:

  • configuring additional functionality within our existing SAP HR solution
  • partnering with Hospital and Health Services to develop and refine business processes
  • training and change management to support the adoption and effective use of new functionality and processes.

Deployment of the myHR solution to all Queensland Heath employees will provide:

  • direct access to real time HR management information including employee details, organisational structures, establishment information and more
  • automated alerts and notifications supported by a team calendar to assist more proactive HR management activities
  • self-service capability to self-manage personal detail updates, view your own employee information, submit and approve online requests, and track request/form approvals and processing status.

Last updated 07 September 2018