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Healthy Hearing resource information

Healthy Hearing program resources that promote newborn hearing screening and provides parents with helpful information.

Information Resources  Purpose

'Your baby's free hearing screen' brochure

Brochure issued to parents prior to the screen, and used as part of the informed consent process. (Translations available).

'Your baby's audiology hearing test' brochure

Brochure issued to parents who babies receive a 'refer' result after having their hearing screened at birth.  It explains why the baby has been referred, the audiology testing process and possible hearing outcomes.

'Your baby's follow-up hearing test' brochure Brochure issued to parents who baby's are born with risk factors of developing a hearing loss as they grow older.

DVD resources

  • How you go sabe if I listen you? A video resource for Thursday Island regarding newborn hearing screening
  • Sound beginnings: understanding your child's hearing loss
  • Between you and me: communicating with your baby

Translated resources

The Healthy Hearing brochure 'Your baby's free hearing screen' and the Healthy Hearing consent form is available in other languages.

Healthy Hearing forms
  • Healthy Hearing consent form
  • Healthy Hearing screening and referral form

For information on ordering resources contact:

Screening sites: Do you need an Algo 3/3i loan machine?



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For information on ordering resources contact

Last Updated: 27 November 2015
Last Reviewed: 27 November 2015