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DoRA 2.0 Database of Research Activity 2.0

DoRA 2.0 is Queensland Health Database of Research Activity, version 2 DoRA 2.0 is an open access online repository of Queensland Health publications and research activities.

The database contains over 10,000 research projects and a growing collection of publications across the 16 Hospital and Health Services and the Department of Health.

The aim of DoRA 2.0 is to:

  • facilitate greater collaboration and communication between researchers,
  • improve patients' access to research information,
  • raise awareness about the benefits of health and medical research.
  • showcase the research activity and output across the Queensland public health system

DoRA 2.0 provides access to research data from the Queensland research ethics and governance database (ERM) and presents it in a format to allow researchers and other interested academic, industry and public stakeholders to search for and view summary level information about research being conducted within Queensland Health facilities.

Access DoRA 2.0 to search for Queensland Health human research activity, Queensland Health researchers and their research publications.

Last updated: 20 July 2022