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DoRA 2.0 Database of Research Activity 2.0

The Database of Research Activity 2.0 (DoRA 2.0) is a publicly accessible, searchable website. Enter DoRA

The database covers all Queensland Health human research, not just clinical trials. It will:

  • facilitate greater collaboration and communication between researchers,
  • improve patients' access to research information,
  • raise awareness about the benefits of health and medical research.


  • Promote your study to help recruit more participants
  • Promote your research for future collaborative studies
  • Search to refine your work to prevent duplicating studies
  • Search to find gaps in research

Health care providers

  • Keep up-to-date on the latest research being conducted in Queensland Health
  • Help to refer patients to an appropriate study
  • Aid future collaborations by providing researcher contact information


  • Find out what research is occurring in Queensland Health and in your local health facility
  • Search for studies you might be interested in participating in (to be discussed with your health care provider)
  • Help raise awareness of the benefits of health and medical research


  • Aid future collaborations by providing contact information of researchers in the field
  • Promotes Queensland Health sites as being active in clinical research and capable of taking on studies
  • Gives an idea of how much research is being conducted in a therapeutic area and could guide decisions on capacity of local researchers to take on new studies

DoRA 2.0 downloads research data from the Queensland ethics committee database (AU-RED) and presents it in a format to allow researchers and other interested public stakeholders to search for and view summary level information about research being conducted within Queensland Health facilities.

Access DoRA 2.0 to search for Queensland Health human research activity.

Last updated: 29 June 2018