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ERM Frequently asked questions

  • Which jurisdictions use ERM?
    • Research proposals should be submitted via ERM to Human Research Ethics Committees (HRECs) associated with public health institutions in the following jurisdictions: Queensland, Victoria or Mater Research (Brisbane, Qld).
  • How do I know if I have an ERM account?
    • If you owned an application that was submitted prior to July 2018, then you should be able to login with the same details as your AU Online Forms account. If your email address and password does not allow you to gain access, contact
  • How do I create an ERM account?
    • Click on "New User". Fill in the applicable information (you can skip fields that are not relevant to you), and agree to the Terms and Conditions. NOTE: Password must be 8+ characters long, contain both upper and lowercase characters and contain at least 1 number. Click "Register" and an activation email will be sent to the entered address. Access email and click the activation link provided. Return to the login page and click "Log in".
  • I can not see my project in my account from AU RED what do I do?
    • The owner of the project or form migrated from the RED system will be the applicant. If forms were not previously uploaded into RED then the owner will be the CPI or PI. For those with forms that were previously not visible in your ERM account, we have resolved some of the issues, please go back into your account and check if the form appears. Please ask the owner of the project or form to use the Role action to share the form with you. If you still experience any issues please send through details of applications that need urgent action such as further information or amendments etc so that we can give you access to with the following - - Reviewing Ethics Committee or Research Governance Office; - Project Title; - HREC reference number; - Submission code; - Coordinating Principal Investigator/Principal Investigator.

Project Update FAQs

  • How do I update my form or project?
    • Select the Update link at the top of the page and follow the prompts.
  • Why do ERM forms change?
    • Modifications are made to ERM forms in response to user feedback. These minor changes are made regularly, approximately every six weeks. When this happens, previous form versions are superseded and so you are prompted to update to the newest version.
  • Why do I need to update?
    • Updating ensures that your research team can access the most recent versions of forms in ERM. When you update your project to the current version, you can access the current version of all sub-forms (otherwise you may be using a superseded version of forms).
  • When should I update?
    • If a form is in the process of being completed, keep in mind that updating to a new version may introduce additional questions into the form.
    • If a form already has electronic signatures applied but has not yet been submitted, it is recommended that you update after your form has been approved or authorised, otherwise updating to the new version will invalidate any electronic signatures that have been applied.
      Also if you receive a request for further information from your Ethics or Governance office and you have updated your project this could update the form version to the updated version with all associated amendments.
  • Who can update?
    • The project owner and form owner can update. We recommend Sponsors and CROs take the project owner role so they can be responsible for updating projects. If you are not the owner, contact them to perform the update. Tip: Check the Collaborators tab to find the project owner or form owner; click on the person's name to find their email address
Last updated: 23 April 2021