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Inala Indigenous Health Service - Clinic Details - Who Works in the Clinic

Patient Clinic Front Desk


I tell you, we got the best doctors in the world here…Not only because of socially, but medically. You know what I mean? And talking…Not talking down to us, talking to us, do you understand?...That's what these fellas do here honestly, I tell you the best staff in the world here…this place is just lovely. Even when I'm not sick I like coming here. Just to talk, just to make people laugh probably. [laughter].  

                                                         -  Aboriginal man, 54 years (2009) Smoke Free Life Research Project

We are a primary health care clinic, which functions as a general practice, but with many extra services as well.

Our two clinics (Inala and Carole Park) are staffed by ten GPs, who have extensive experience in Indigenous health and all aspects of a comprehensive general practice. Although many of our GPs work full time, none of them sees patients every day of the week, so patients may not be able to see their usual GP on every occasion. We are accredited as a teaching clinic, so we have two GP Registrars and usually have visiting medical students.

Many of our 14 nurses are experts at one particular aspect of clinical work, including adult health, child health, midwifery, chronic disease education, diabetes education, outreach immunisation, health research and operating our retinal (eye) camera.

Our allied health team includes a nutritionist, a psychologist and a social worker, with a visiting physiotherapist and exercise physiologist.

Our clinic's visiting specialists currently include a paediatrician (kids), psychiatrist (mental health), ophthalmologist (eyes), endocrinologist (diabetes), cardiologist (heart) and hepatologist (liver).


Associate Professor Noel Hayman
Dr Hayman is the clinical director of our health service, which he started in 1995. As a Wakka Wakka and Kalkadoon man, he was one of the first two Indigenous medical students to graduate from the University of Queensland in 1990. He received the 2003 Centenary Medal for his long service to primary health care in Aboriginal communities and the 2007 inaugural Close the Gap Indigenous Health Award (Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation Queensland). In 2011 he was Queensland's Australian of the Year. He sits on numerous National and State Committees

Dr Clare Maher
Dr Maher has worked in the Inala area since 1992 as a GP and part-time at our clinic since 2003. Her special interests include diabetes and antenatal care for women. She also works part-time for the PA Hospital in a diabetic outreach clinic. She undertakes teaching and research at Inala and the University of Queensland, where she is a senior lecturer.
Dr Geoff Spurling
Dr Spurling graduated in 1995 and worked all over the place including the UK and Central America before joining us in 2004. His interests including teaching general practice and getting the most out of research activities for the clinic and the community. He is a senior lecturer at the University of Queensland. He's not great at kicking a footie but can throw an ultimate disc the length of the field.
Dr Justin Coleman
Dr Coleman graduated in Melbourne in 1992 and was a GP for a decade in rural Victoria and the remote Northern Territory until 2007, when he joined us. He runs our clinic's teaching program, is a GP researcher, regular conference presenter and has been a professional medical writer and editor for 20 years. He is a senior lecturer at both Griffith University and University of Queensland and is a member of the Queensland Health Clinical Senate. He writes and supervises GP educational material published by the RACGP.
Dr Coleman is President of the Australasian Medical Writers Association, has his own website, Twitter account, a blog called the Naked Doctor and he wrote the website you are currently reading.
Dr Liz Erskine

After graduating, Dr Erskine worked in Uganda, Cairns and Cape York before returning to Brisbane to do more training. Since joining us in 2010 she has enjoyed working with a great community and dedicated team.

Dr Rebecca Farley
Dr Farley completed her Academic GP Registrar training in 2012 and works one day per week at Elorac Place.

Dr Warren Jennings
Dr Jennings graduated in 2005 and has worked in Cairns Hospital, the Torres Strait, and Logan ATSICHS Clinic before starting at Inala in 2011. He has a special interest in diabetes care, but also Sports Medicine and injuries and is keen to see budding athletes from the community. He undertakes teaching and research at Inala and the University of Queensland, where he is an associate lecturer.
Dr Megan Evans
Dr Evans was the Clinical Director of Refugee Health Qld prior to joining us in 2013. Her particular interest is in how a person's cultural background affects their views about health. Dr Evans also has an interest in women's and children's health and mental health. She works at our Elorac Place clinic.


Dr Lisa Fraser
Each year, we are privileged to employ and train a General Practice Registrar, at the start of their GP career. Dr Lisa, in her fifth year as a doctor, has joined us for all of 2014.

Dr Mia Didovic
Dr Didovic, a GP Registrar in her fourth year as a doctor, is with us for the second half of 2014.

Nurse Unit Manager

Nola White

Nola White helped set up our health service back in 1994.
Find out more about the work Nola does here.


Our clinic employs approximately 12-15 nurses, depending on current funding for the many roles they perform in the clinic and community. See our contact list for up-to-date details.

Allied Health

Please contact our clinic reception on 3101 4222 to arrange an appointment.
Annalie Houston and Peta Picton
Our dietitians can provide you with expert individual nutrition advice on a range of health conditions including diabetes and being overweight. They can discuss healthy, cheap, easy ways to put together meals and snacks for you and the family to help you feel good and stay well.
Either Annalie or Pets is available for appointments on every weekday.
Social Worker
Lesley-Ann Clements
Lesley-Ann's parents are from Stradbroke Island and Cherbourg. She has had a long career in health, first as an enrolled nurse, then a community worker and hospital liaison officer. She studied social work in 1998 and joined us in 2011.
Lesley-Ann can help you with social and emotional support, accommodation and Centrelink issues, parenting, court support and aged care.
Michelle Combo
Our psychologist Michelle is a Gamilaraay woman from North-West NSW. She provides counselling to any of our patients who requires it. This may involve first seeing a GP to arrange a 'Mental health care plan'. She also facilitates group programs and provides community education around mental health.
Michelle works here every day, but her usual appointments are on Wed, Thur and Friday.
Senior Aboriginal Health Worker
Annette Rabbitt
Annette is a Barunggam and Gunggari woman, originally from Cherbourg. She worked as an Aboriginal Health worker in Toowoomba for 6 years and at AICHS in Woolloongabba for 11 years before joining our service in 1996. Annette works in women's health, running community programs and exercise dance.

Visiting Specialists

Patients will need a referral from one of our GPs before seeing a specialist. All children require a Child Health Check before seeing the paediatrician.

Paediatrician Icon


Paediatrician - Child Health
Dr Karen Liddle
Dr Liddle has worked with us since 2010 and sees patients on Mondays and Tuesdays at Inala and Elorac Place. Dr Liddle also supervises a paediatric registrar.
Ophthalmologist Icon Ophthalmologist - Eye Health
Dr Rowan Porter
Dr Porter has worked with us since 2010 and sees patients one day per month.
Endocrinologist Icon Endocrinologist - Diabetes, Thyroid Health
Dr Anthony Russell
Dr Russell has worked with us since 2010 and sees patients once a month.
  Cardiologist Icon Cardiologist - Heart Health
Dr William Wang
Dr Wang has worked with us since 2010 and sees patients once a month.

Hepatologist - Liver clinic
Dr Paul Clark
Dr Clark has worked with us since 2013 and sees patients once a month. He specialises in treating hepatitis.

Psychiatrist- Mental Health
Dr Shama Kanodia
Dr Kanodia is a senior psychiatric registrar and sees patients three days per week, working with mental health issues.

Although care is taken, this site, and links from it to third-party sites, may possibly contain the names or images of people who have passed away, which may sadden and distress some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Website editor Justin Coleman.


Last updated: 10 November 2014