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Inala Indigenous Health Service - Clinic Details - Teaching in the Clinic

Patient Clinic Front Desk

We believe that a vital part of a good health service is to teach students about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and to provide high quality training to the next generation of clinicians.

Our clinic has a long association with the University of Queensland (UQ) and, in more recent years, with other universities including Griffith, Gold Coast and James Cook Universities.

Dr Noel Hayman is an Associate Professor at UQ and Dr Geoff Spurling and Dr Justin Coleman are senior lecturers at UQ. Dr Coleman is also a senior lecturer at Griffith University. We also work closely with the college of general practitioners (RACGP) and Dr Justin Coleman writes and reviews educational resources to help train GPs in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. We are an accredited training placement for GP Registrars with CSQTC and QRME.

Medical students from UQ and Griffith University attend our clinic regularly. Some of these students are of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander origin. Students apply through their university and must indicate why they want to work at our clinic.

Medical Students Seeing Patients

Teaching 'keeps us on our toes' and makes us better doctors, and patients have generously played their part in the teaching process over the years. We are grateful for their generosity. Patients will be informed by reception staff, and again by their doctor, if a medical student is in attendance that day. Patients ALWAYS have the right to say 'no' to a student sitting in on their consultation, and do not have to give any reason for their decision.

Our medical students come from both University of Queensland (UQ) and Griffith University. Griffith students also attend tutorial groups and education sessions where they do not see patients, but learn about our work. 

Our clinic also hosts various other health students from UQ and Griffith, including student nurses and dietitians. Various doctors visit our clinic to gain valuable experience under the guidance of our visiting specialists. We proudly provide a crucial resource for training the 'next generation' of health professionals in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

Dr Justin Coleman is the Co-ordinator of Medical Education, an area steadily expanding now we are in larger premises at the Centre of Excellence. Please contact Dr Coleman with any queries.

Below is a collection of some of the resources we use in teaching.

Information for Medical Students commencing at Inala Indigenous Health Service

Strategies to improve indigenous access for urban and regional populations to health services
Noel Hayman
Discusses the origins of our service in 1996, and the work done by Dr Noel Hayman and Sr Nola White.

Book Chapter
Health Communication with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
Justin Coleman
Chapter 9 in 'Communication Skills In Medicine', a UQ text book aimed at medical students.

MJA article, 2009
Adult health checks for Indigenous Australians: the first year's experience from the Inala Indigenous Health Service 
Geoffrey Spurling, Noel Hayman and Anna Cooney
Provides an insight into the reasoning behind the large number of preventative health checks we perform at our service, as well as reflecting the type of primary health care research we do.
Also found at

MJA article 2011
Social determinants and the health of Indigenous Australians
Michael Marmot
Professor Marmot is the world's foremost authority on social determinants of health and here looks at how this applies to Indigenous Australians.



Although care is taken, this site, and links from it to third-party sites, may possibly contain the names or images of people who have passed away, which may sadden and distress some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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