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Statewide Dementia Clinical Network

The Statewide Dementia Clinical Network (SCDN) was established in December 2007, evolving out of a long-standing collaborative of clinicians and researchers.   Membership is comprised of a wide range of clinicians from Qld Health and beyond, non-government organisations, research organisations, general practice, and consumer organisations (see the Terms of Reference).  Membership is open to all clinicians with an active interest in improving the care of people with dementia (see the SDCN Fact Sheet). 

The Steering Committee is comprised of a balanced, multidisciplinary mix of Qld Health clinicians, representatives of general practice, consumer organisations, research organisations and Alzheimer's Australia, covering Queensland's geographical dispersion and variety of facility size and type. It oversees the strategic and operational activities of the SDCN, driving forward the decisions made by the members and overseeing the various working groups.

SDCN members are invited to attend twice yearly forums to exchange ideas, information, research, and success stories amongst the membership.  The forums are also used to determine future directions for the network to improve the quality of care for people with Dementia, and provide the members with a valuable networking opportunity (see Latest Forum Report). 

The Queensland Health Dementia Framework 2010-2014 is the document that guides the activities of the SDCN.  Key priority areas and the four workgroups are detailed in the SDCN Fact Sheet.


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Last Updated: 17 September 2014
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