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Statewide Diabetes Clinical Network

The purpose of the Statewide Diabetes Clinical Network is to:

About the Statewide Diabetes Clinical Network

Queensland Health’s Statewide Diabetes Clinical Network (SDCN) was formed in 2007 as a multidisciplinary collaboration of clinicians who share a common goal for a coordinated statewide approach to identify gaps between evidence and practice in order to improve patient care.

The network addresses service improvement, planning and delivery of services and associated workforce issues. The network also has a role in advocating with relevant policy makers, professional bodies and funding bodies to promote consistency of Queensland Health strategies and plans with other key initiatives. The network collaborates and negotiates with stakeholders to facilitate the development and implementation of strategies to improve patient care. The network also provides support for clinicians to achieve change at their local Hospital and Health Service. The network may also develop and promote clinical research activities and provide advice for development of relevant clinical information systems.

The network works in close collaboration with the Queensland Clinical senate and with other statewide clinical networks.

The SDCN is comprised of:

Clinical co-chairs
The Clinical Co-Chairs who lead and provide direction to the clinical network.

Steering committee
The steering committee who provide assistance to the clinical co-chairs in leading the clinical network. The steering committee generally meet monthly face to face (or via teleconference) and frequently communicate over telephone and email. The committee includes:

Working groups
SCDN working groups who progress specific priorities under the leadership of the steering committee.

Clinical network members
Clinical network members comprised of Queensland clinicians working in the area of diabetes or who have in interest in this area.

The network incorporates a multidisciplinary membership consisting primarily of medical, nursing and allied health staff including dietitians, diabetes educators, podiatrists and other health workers.

Membership is open to both Queensland Health and non Queensland Health staff.

Network coordinator
The network coordinator acts as a project manager, promoting the ongoing development of the SDCN. The coordinator maintains communication channels between clinicians and Queensland Health management, assists in the development of the networks operational plan, and assists the network to achieve its specified outcomes. The coordinator is also responsible for such things as coordinating meetings, composing briefs and documents based upon the clinical expertise of the steering committee.

Consumer Resources

The SDCN recommends that these documents should be reviewed in conjunction with your health care professional.

Diabetes in Pregnancy Resources

The following resources can be printed out individually, but if you would prefer to receive them from a professional printer, please access this online order form - note that there is a cost associated with ordering the forms online.

Translated documents

The following booklets were designed to assist with diabetes in pregnancy education for women living in rural and remote indigenous communities. They are intended for use by indigenous health workers, nurses and other relevant staff at primary care level with the support of a specialist diabetes team (doctor, diabetes educator and dietician).

Diabetic Foot Resources



Last Updated: 31 October 2014
Last Reviewed: 14 October 2013