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Capital program

Youth Mental Health

The Youth Mental Health - Capital Program includes the delivery of:

The new state-wide adolescent mental health treatment centre on The Prince Charles Hospital campus in Chermside, Brisbane

The 12-bed treatment centre is a state-wide extended treatment service for young people with severe and complex mental health issues. These young people have most likely been unresponsive to other care options including acute inpatient or community based treatment services and require longer term support. The centre comprises a residential component (staffed 7 days per week) that is co-located with an integrated day program and educational program. Out of area families and carers will also be able to access accommodation to facilitate visits and support of the young people residing in the centre.

Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service is leading the commissioning of this centre, including development of operational processes, workforce recruitment, and ongoing service provision and centre management, under the direction of the AET Centre Commissioning Steering Committee as part of the Youth Mental Health Program being progressed by the Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch, Department of Health. The AET Centre Commissioning Steering Committee met for the first time on 28 August 2018 and will issue a communique following the monthly meetings to keep stakeholders informed about the commissioning activities as they unfold.

Two new youth Step Up Step Down Units in north Brisbane and south Brisbane

The 6-bed units will deliver clinical and non-clinical support services in a community bed-based (sub-acute) residential setting for young people with severe and persistent mental health issues, inclusive of care and recovery planning with the young person and their family, carer and significant others. The service will provide intensive, short-term support for young people “stepping down” from acute care to support transition to their home and community, and will prevent further deterioration of a young person’s mental state by “stepping up” from the community and reduce the likelihood of admission to acute care.

Refurbishment of two new adolescent Day Program spaces at Logan and the Gold Coast

Two new Day Programs will provide an alternative to inpatient admission for young people with severe and complex mental health issues, while also supporting families and carers. Day Programs work closely with the Department of Education to provide an integrated education and mental health treatment service. Young people attend the program up to 5 days per week and remain living at home and engaged in their local community, and are supported to reintegrate back to community-based education and treatment.

Delivering capital projects – Design to construction

July 2017-2018

Project start-up

The capital program is led by the Department of Health and collaboratively managed with the Department of Education. Oversight is comprised of groups to progress the capital program which includes project partners, consumer and carer representatives, Hospital and Health Services, Health Consumers Queensland, industry and additional interdepartmental representation.

Site options

Government will be investigating and selecting sites for the Step Up Step Down Units and Day Programs.

Design development

Consists of stakeholder interviews, workshops, user groups, infrastructure co-design consultation and peer reviews. Used to collaboratively consult centre design development; and to critique, validate and address requirements of the design process.


A co-design process is undertaken to assist with development of the design of facilities and the model of service including integrated educational services. This is to ensure consumers, carers and community members are engaged and actively participate throughout the lifespan of the capital program.


Engagement of the building contractor for the facilities will proceed via a tender process.



Construction for the state-wide adolescent mental health treatment centre begins in late 2018 and for the Step Up Step Down Units and Day Programs in early 2019.


Services commence in 2020 subject to operational commissioning proceeding in late 2019.

More information

Updates on each project will be provided on the news and communique page and Clinical Excellence Queensland Facebook page. For more information please contact the capital program team on

Last updated: 4 December 2018