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Indigenous Spectacle Supply Scheme

The Indigenous Spectacle Supply Scheme (ISSS) provides eligible Indigenous Queensland residents with a pair of basic prescription spectacles. The ISSS will run until the end of June 2022.

Available equipment

The Scheme provides a complete set of spectacles for both adults and children, including basic frames, lens and lens treatments (if clinically justified). Clients are generally responsible for all costs associated with the purchase of any extras, if they are required through personal choice rather than clinical need. Extras include tinting, photochromatic lenses, UV protection and hard coating.

Becoming a prescriber

Optometrists and dispensers volunteer to participate with the ISSS. Please contact the Spectacle Supply Scheme on 3136 3696 or 1300 443 570 if you are interested in becoming a prescriber.

How to prescribe

Specific eligibility, application and documentation requirements are provided in both the MASS General Guidelines (PDF 460 kB) and Indigenous Spectacle Supply Scheme Guidelines (PDF 321 kB). The prescriber determines the client’s clinical eligibility by conducting an eye examination and prescribes suitable spectacles. The prescriber and client then complete and submit the Indigenous Spectacle Supply Scheme Application Form (PDF 227 kB).

Application guidelines (including current subsidy amounts)

Application forms

Approved spectacles and dispensing agents

Advice and clinical support

Please contact the Spectacle Supply Scheme.

Last updated: 24 September 2021