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Home oxygen

The Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS) provides a mix of concentrator and oxygen cylinder packages to support eligible Queensland adults and children who require home oxygen.

Available equipment

MASS provides subsidies for standard oxygen packages in the form of cylinders and/or concentrators, with supplementary packages of portable and backup cylinders for eligible applicants.

MASS does not subsidise

Eligible prescribers

How to prescribe

Specific eligibility, application and documentation requirements are provided in both the MASS General Guidelines (PDF, 474kB) and Application Guidelines for Oxygen (PDF, 433kB). To be eligible, clients must not be receiving oxygen through a local health service or Home Care Package. The prescriber will work with the applicant and their family to complete and submit either an adult or paediatric Application Form. For ongoing oxygen subsidised by MASS, reassessment and reapplication are required. After the initial supply:

MASS must receive completed re-application forms two weeks before the finish date to ensure the oxygen subsidy continues. The prescriber must ensure, in consultation with the oxygen supplier and visiting domiciliary nursing or community health service, that the applicant/carer is adequately instructed in the safe handling and use of oxygen and oxygen equipment. All clients should also have a Power Failure Emergency Plan.

Application guidelines (including current subsidy amounts)

Application forms

Client handbook

Home oxygen packages and suppliers

Advice and clinical support

Contact the MASS Principal Medical Advisor – Oxygen.

Smoking alert

For the safety of clients and others, please remind all MASS clients of the danger of smoking near oxygen. MASS will not subsidy fund home oxygen to new or previously approved clients who are current smokers.

Information for applicants

Find out about:

Packages and suppliers

Find a list of oxygen equipment packages and suppliers approved by the Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme.

Last Updated: 23 February 2015
Last Reviewed: 23 February 2015