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Health Service Strategy (2015-2020)

The Metro North Health Strategy 2015-2020 was developed to address the challenges we share with other health services, including the increasing demand for services, changing care needs, pressure on existing infrastructure and the need to maintain a skilled and committed workforce. After significant progress on the original prioritised strategies in the first two years, the Health Service Strategy was refreshed in 2017.

The Strategy provides an overview of the health needs of our population to 2020 and examines the factors that are likely to influence the design and delivery of healthcare services to identify challenges and opportunities. It also presents our focus areas, developed after extensive consultation with clinicians and community partners and outlines the strategies to address them.

Read the Metro North Health Service Strategy 2015-2020 (2017 refresh).

Corporate Strategic Plan (2016-2020)

The Strategic Plan 2016-2020 (PDF, 656KB) outlines our future direction for the next four years including our contribution to the Government’s objectives for the community.

Clinician Engagement Strategy

Working together: Strategy for inclusive clinician engagement 2016–18 (PDF, 738KB) aims to:

  • to develop and maintain a clinician workforce that is involved in shaping the direction of the health service to achieve patient-centred care
  • to foster a sense of ownership of the strategic direction of Metro North amongst clinicians.

The Progress report (PDF, 1.42MB) showcases a sample of activities and initiatives that were implemented during 2016-2017.

Connecting for Health (2016-2018)

Connecting for Health (PDF, 946KB) outlines our commitment to inclusive engagement, involvement and partnerships with consumers and local communities.

Health Needs Assessment (HNA)

Connecting for Health strategy

Read Connecting for Health (PDF, 946KB) our commitment to inclusive engagement, involvement and partnerships with consumers and local communities

Last updated: 7 November 2017