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Multicultural Health - multilingual diabetes information

health topics: diabetes




Are you at risk from the world's fastest growing disease?     
Publisher NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service   
Description An information guide to the risk factors for diabetes, and how to reduce them.
Date 1999      
Languages English Czech Macedonian Thai
Arabic Italian Portuguese Tongan
Bosnian Khmer Russian Turkish
Chinese Korean Serbian Vietnamese



Lao Spanish
Title Diabetes and your eyes  
Publisher NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service     
Description An information guide for prevention and treatment of eye damage (retinopathy) caused by diabetes.
Date 2000
Languages English Greek Polish Spanish
Arabic Italian Russian Vietnamese



Title Diabetes in pregnancy   
Publisher NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service    
Description Information that explains the condition and how it can affect a woman's pregnancy and future health.
Date 2000
Languages English Italian Portuguese Thai
Arabic Khmer Russian Tongan
Chinese Korean Serbian Turkish
Croatian Lao Spanish Vietnamese



Title Give your feet the care they deserve   
Publisher NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service     
Description An information guide to foot health, including common foot problems, and special care for people with diabetes.
Date 1998
Languages English Italian Russian Thai
Arabic Macedonian Serbian Turkish
Chinese Portuguese Spanish Vietnamese



Title Various facts sheets on diabetes 
Publisher Diabetes Australia
Description Various information on diabetes, how it affects your body, food and nutrition and how exercise can help.
Date 2002
Languages English Greek Spanish Turkish
Croatian Italian



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NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service

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Last updated: 10 October 2013

What's new?

Queensland Health Guideline for multicultural policy implementation
A guideline to assist Hospital and Health Services and Queensland Health to implement the Queensland Multicultural Policy - A multicultural future for all of us effectively.

Video remote interpreting - information for patients fact sheet
A fact sheet for patients which explains the video remote interpreting system used by Queensland Health.

The fact sheet is available in 13 languages other than English

Queensland Health Multicultural Services newsletter issue10 -Spring 2011
A quarterly newsletter which aims to keep health care providers and patients from a culturally and linguistically diverse background up-to-date with the latest multicultural health projects, services, research and achievements.

Complaints about health or other services

Do you have concerns about a government or non-government health service or are you unhappy with the way an issue has been handled? Do you think you have been treated unfairly or are you concerned about a decision or action of a health professional?

It is ok to complain, and there are organisations that are independent of the government that can help you, free of charge.

Go to the Queensland Independent Complaint Agencies' website for more information.