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The best part of being a dentist

Wednesday 9 August 2017

A male dentist sits beside a patient, who sits in a dentist chair, explaining how he will clean her teeth.
We asked Queensland dentists and oral health therapists why they love their jobs.

This Dental Health Week, we’ve spoken a lot about how to keep your teeth and gums in top shape.

We also want to celebrate the great work our dentists and oral health therapists do to keep Queenslander’s teeth and gums healthy. So, we asked some Queensland dentists and OHTs what they thought the best part of their job was.

Zoe, Oral Health Therapist, practising for 18 years

There are quite a few ‘best parts’ of my job! The top ones are: providing a safe place, empathy and understanding if a patient has had a previous bad experience, has a mental illness or is recovering from addiction, and providing direction and support on smoking and the negative effects of smoking on health.

It’s great when patients make a change in their oral health habits, like changing their tooth brushing technique or introducing flossing, and seeing the effects, like their gums no longer bleeding when they brush.

I also appreciate having the opportunity to work within a multidisciplinary team of dental professionals every day.

Cameron, Dentist, practising for 2 years

The best part of my job is patient care – I value being able to have a one to one appointment with each patient. And when I get to put the smile back that they were missing? I love that part.

Philippa, Oral Health Therapist, practising for 39 years

The most significant factor that keeps me coming into my workplace is enabling adults to retain their natural teeth, which would otherwise have been lost due to bone loss and dental caries and the ravages of head and neck cancer radiation and diabetes.

It is also very rewarding to assist clients to quit smoking and make better lifestyle choices, like improved diet and tailor-made home oral hygiene regimes.

I know I am ‘filling the bucket of goodwill’ and doing the right thing by my clients when I receive written and verbal gratitude from family members of elderly and frail clients, thanking me for the level of care that their loved ones appreciated and commented on before their passing.

Last updated: 23 August 2017