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Food safe in seconds

The Food Safe in Seconds campaign is designed to promote safe and correct behaviours in handling food to avoid food poisoning.

The issue

Research showed that 75 per cent of people thought they understood safe food practices. In reality some of the perceived ‘safe behaviours’ they do in preparing and storing food are putting them and those they cook for at risk.
Campylobacter, the bacteria found in chicken is the most common cause of food poisoning in Australia, with more than 3200 people getting sick who ended up receiving hospital treatment in 2014. As a food safety rule, raw chicken should never be washed because the bacteria on its surface can spread in tiny droplets that splash around the kitchen—contaminating surfaces, equipment and other food.

Only one per cent of the 1563 people surveyed knew that eggs should never be washed before cooking  as this makes the egg shells porous allowing the bacteria, Salmonella, to get inside the egg.

The campaign

Queensland Health’s Food safe in seconds campaign commenced in December 2015.

It aims to educate Queenslanders on the simple and correct behaviours to avoid food poisoning in the home. The campaign promotes key messages around:

  • keeping food under temperature control
  • cooking food thoroughly
  • food hygiene – washing hands and using clean utensils/equipment
  • avoiding cross contamination
  • reheating.

The key component of the campaign is a series of short videos showing the quick and simple ways to be food safe in seconds. The content is delivered in a positive manner and lives on the Healthier. Happier. website. You can also follow the Healthier. Happier. Facebook page at for more tips on how to be food safe.

Target audience

  • All Queensland adults

Campaign resources

Online videos



Last updated: 26 July 2019