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Straight Answers

The Healthier. Happier. Straight Answers campaign is aimed at providing people with simple, straightforward answers to the often conflicting and confusing information about exercise, nutrition and weight.

The issue

Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be complicated but we know that a lot of people are confused by the many mixed messages and changing advice regarding what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. This confusion represents a real barrier to people making positive lifestyle changes and is something which the Straight Answers campaign aims to address.

The campaign

The Healthier. Happier. Straight Answers campaign launched on 17 April 2016.

It aims to deliver simple answers to the many myths and misconceptions around topics such as diet, exercise, lifestyle and nutrition.

A dedicated section addressing myths has been added to the Healthier. Happier. website. The new section is interactive and allows visitors to not only learn the facts surrounding a myth, but also enables you to see how you compare with the rest of Queensland.

Along with the interactive myth page, 9 x 15 second videos are also hosted on the website. These videos address some of the more topical issues in market.

Target audience

All Queensland adults.

Campaign resources

Last updated: 26 July 2019