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Fang-tastic safety messaging for Halloween this year

30 October 2021

Queensland Health would like everyone to have a fun and safe Halloween this year.

We are trying to keep the perfect balance of keeping boogies at bay AND letting the boogey man trick or treat with the rest of the neighbourhood. We can only do this with your help.

A reminder to all princesses, witches, ghouls and ghosties to stay physically distanced from other groups of nightmarish creatures, and wash your hands, claws, tentacles, and so on, frequently and well.

Remember, if you’re a big monster (12 or older) who is tricking and treating in one of the 11 restricted LGAs and you can’t socially distance from other non-household members, cover your lolly-gobling goblin mouth and wear a mask!

Parents and carers should consider things like individually packaging treats for trick-or-treaters, washing hands well before preparing treats and in between handing them out, or using hand sanitiser.

Don’t forget, if you’re feeling sick, stay at home in your haunted house until you’re well. If you scare easy, we recommend closing the blinds and keeping the garlic close by…

Last updated: 30 October 2021