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Queensland Health podcast reaches 250,000 listens

Queensland Health’s My Amazing Body podcast continues to go from strength to strength, notching up more than 250,000 listens and topping the Australian podcast charts.

The podcast, which is onto its second successful season, is a leading source of information across the nutrition, health and fitness, science and education categories on Australian and New Zealand Apple and Spotify podcast charts.

Twice last year, My Amazing Body reached the top position of Australia’s Apple podcast charts in the Health and Fitness category. In November 2020, the podcast also achieved the number one position on the Apple charts in Australia in the Nutrition category.

Individual episodes also performed well, with the bowel, liver and pain episodes reaching within the top three positions of the Apple Charts in Australia in the health and fitness category.

Queensland Health Executive Director of Strategic Communications Robert Hoge said it’s a great achievement seeing My Amazing Body reach the top of the podcast charts, knocking off long term chart toppers including Pete Evans.

“We’re really proud My Amazing Body topped Australia’s Apple podcast charts in September, November and December,” Mr Hoge said.

“People trust Queensland Health and in times like these they want to hear directly from us.

“It’s quite the achievement to see so many people listening to our content and choosing to get their health information from Queensland’s world class clinicians.

“Queensland Health has been a trusted source of information throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and My Amazing Body is another way people can learn more about their health through reliable and interesting content led by our health experts.

My Amazing Body is helping to build health literacy and help make the state a healthier place.

“Knocking someone like Pete Evans off the top of the charts – that’s nice too.”

Each episode features a conversation with a Queensland specialist and you’ll also learn from the experiences of other Queenslanders. These medical experts have a wide range of experience in their chosen field, which may include the bowel, heart, liver, chronic pain or the lungs.

The episode on the bowel looks at the importance of bowel cancer screening and what is Crohn’s disease. You’ll hear from Queenslander Kate, who suffers from Crohn’s Disease, on her experience from diagnosis to surgery to ongoing management.

The episode on the liver discusses fatty liver disease and liver transplants. You’ll also find out that your liver is estimated to have at least 500 different functions, sections of it can grow back if removed due to disease or injury, and why babies are often born with jaundice.

The episode on pain focusses on chronic pain. Did you know that more than three million Australians live with chronic pain - with back pain being the most common type?

You’ll also hear from Sara, a bilateral through knee amputee, about what it’s like to use prosthetics and deal with phantom limb pain as well as lower back pain.

Listen to My Amazing Body on the Queensland Health website or subscribe using your favourite podcast app.


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Last updated: 22 January 2021