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Sugar, salt, fat – oh my!

Research shows Queenslanders struggle to read and understand food labels sometimes mistaking unhealthy foods as healthy foods.

Queensland Health Nutritionist, Mathew Dick said many Queenslanders do not know how many kilojoules they should be consuming each day and have trouble understanding food nutrition information correctly.

“Food products can be misleading when they are marketed as low fat or diet,” Mr Dick said.

“This may well be the case however the product may still be high in sugar or salt.

“The best way to understand what is really in a food product is to read the nutrition information panel.

“Being able to understand and read the nutrition information panel can help you make healthy food choices.

“Portion size is another thing to consider as the label’s suggested serving size may differ to what you consume.”

Mr Dick said you can use the nutrition information panel as a useful tool when comparing products to find a healthier option.

“The nutrition information panel provides a detailed description of the food or drink.

“Generally, if the first three ingredients listed are fat, sugar or salt – its best to consider finding another product.

“Fat, sugar and salt can be described in a number of different ways.*

“It’s important to know the different ways these ingredients can be described to help you make better informed choices.

“A great place to start is to understand the building blocks of food and calculating the energy your body needs every day.”

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*Fat, sugar and salt various names.




* beef fat

* butter

* cream

* coconut

* coconut oil

* copha

* hydrogenated oils

* margarine

* milk solids

* palm oil

* vegetable oil

* dripping

* lard

* oil

* palm oil

* sour cream

* brown sugar

* concentrated fruit juice

* corn syrup

* dextrose

* fructose

* glucose

* golden syrup

* sucrose

* honey

* lactose

* maltose

* mannitol

* maple syrup

* molasses

* raw sugar

* sucrose

* baking powder

* celery/garlic salt

* glutamate

* mineral salts

* monosodium glutamate; MSG

* rock salt

* sea salt

* sodium

* sodium bicarbonate

* stock


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Last updated: 5 February 2019