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Dr Kate Hooper

A photo of Dr Kate Hooper.

Townsville University Hospital doctor and researcher Dr Kate Hooper is leading ground-breaking research to improve pain management for frail and older patients with hip fractures.

The research focuses on the use of numbing medications injected into the groin of patients with hip fractures and explores if regular injections of numbing medications would be more effective in managing pain than a single injection combined with traditional pain medications such as opioids which can have serious side-effects.

Dr Hooper said strengthening the uniqueness of this research was its involvement of patients with dementia.

“People with dementia make up more than a third of patients with hip fractures and are usually excluded from research studies due to their cognitive function,” she said.

“It is great to be conducting research that involves a cohort of people that would usually not be involved and to know that it could potentially transform the way they are managed in an emergency department.”

I am really enthusiastic to kick this research off and begin delving into better ways of pain management in adults with hip fractures.

Last updated: 7 February 2020