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Julie Rogers

A photo of Julie

I want to revitalise our traditional women's business as a form of wellness for Woppaburra women. I want to help get our kids' spirits right, as a type of preventative health model. There's a lot of cultural knowledge that our Elders hold, particularly our women. Before they pass away, I want to get that knowledge documented by a Woppaburra woman.

Julie Rogers is a Queensland Health Cultural Capability Advisor. Julie is a proud Woppaburra woman from the Keppel Islands and a passionate educator. For almost 10 years, Julie has supported thousands of Queensland Health staff to increase their cultural awareness and capability, which in turn supports better health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities. In her role, Julie provides cultural advice on policy, practice, clinical guidelines and consumer engagement. From day one, Julie saw this role as a platform for positive change.

She says, "My mum is one of those people who would discharge against medical advice, and working in community settings, I always saw the end point where people were accessing health services. I thought, 'There's something wrong in the system, there's got to be some changes at the policy level'. We just need to do things a little bit differently so we're not having this disadvantage, this inequity."

Last updated: 23 January 2020